Can you be a motherfucking reverend and go around bagging the fucking babes?
 Eat a dick, Jesse, you ever hear of a condom?

 You ever hear of getting ...a goddamn Monica instead or having "sexual relations?"
 Mostly, have you and your monkey ever thought about keeping your sorry wedding vows?

 Twenty months old, so god-damn he/she was born May of 1999, so god-damn she must've gotten preggers
 around August of 1998, which was the fucking same month Clinton went on TV to fuckin' admit he'd
 had an "improper relationship" with a oozing bitch.

 That means that shit was seven months AFTER the fucking Monica story broke.
 Seven months, Jesse, after Monica, you were shooting semen into your sorry girlfriend?

 Jesse - fucking what were you and your hand-job non-thinking?

   Burned by the Burnmaker!
* *

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