Follow up to Dave's quest 

 As per your request, I did some digging on the internet to back up what I
 passed along to you earlier. I did not forward links because I know
 attachments can be scary to guy's in talk radio but I have quite a few I can
 forward to you on request.

 I was mistaken about Watts and Largent. They both promised not to run for a
 FOURTH term, not a third, but run they did.

 Here's a story, word for word, from 1/31/2000

 Oklahoma GOP Rep. Watts to run again, despite earlier term limits pledge

 NORMAN, Oklahoma (CNN) - Oklahoma Republican Rep. J.C. Watts announced
 Monday that he will seek a re-election to the House of Representatives this
 November, "regardless of what I said in 1994 about term limits."

 "I will stand for re-election and let the people who elected me decide," the
 former University of Oklahoma football star told reporters in Norman.

 Rep. J. C. Watts announced Monday that he will run for re-election in November.
 Monday's announcement puts to rest months of speculation on whether Watts
 would seek a fourth term representing the state's 4th Congressional District.
 He had signed a pledge when he was first elected in 1994 to serve only three terms,
 but said Monday that he and his wife had decided he needs to continue to fight
 for conservative ideals in Congress.

 There was also considerable pressure from fellow Republicans to stay on.
 Sources told CNN that during a GOP fund-raiser at Sunday's Super Bowl in
 Atlanta, party leaders applied "heavy pressure" on the former college and
 Canadian Football League quarterback to run again.

 Watts is chairman of the House Republican Conference -- the fourth most
 powerful position in the GOP hierarchy -- and also sits on the Armed
 Services, Transportation and Infrastructure Committees. He is the only
 African-American Republican in the 106th Congress.

 In announcing his decision, Watts indicated a "strong desire to work with
 the new Republican president and a larger House majority that I'm convinced
 America will elect this fall."

 Susan Ducey of Moore, Oklahoma, announced in October that she would run for
 the Republican nomination in Watts' district.

 Hugh, as an aside, did you hear about Watt's very unpatriotic little dust-up
 a few months back?

 On Sept. 28 of this year, Mr. Watts parked illegally in a loading zone at
 Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, only to find an understandably
 diligent police sergeant putting a $15 ticket on his car when he returned.

 After arguing with Sgt. Edward Stupka, Watts shoved the $15 ticket under his
 badge and told him to ``take care of it,'' said Pam Pryor, Watts' chief of

 There's also been reports that the infuriated congressman yelled some
 gibberish like, "What if I'd had a bomb?"

 The Federal Aviation Administration was informed of the incident, as they
 are whenever someone talks about a bomb at an airport. Meanwhile, Mr.
 Watts' wife has paid the ticket and he has apologized for his "bad
 behavior," his spokeswoman told the Daily Oklahoman, explaining that since
 Sept. 11, the Congressman has suffered "a lot of tension, a lot of stress."

 Boy! If Barbara Lee or any democrat had pulled a stupid stunt like this, it
 would have been the headline outrage of the day at and
 every right-leaning talk show in America!

 I don't know if you recall, Hugh, but J.C. Watts is the man who likes to
 repeat that famous quote, "Character is when you do the right thing even
 when nobody is looking."

 I guess that doesn't apply when he breaks his word when EVERYONE (and a
 police sgt.) is watching.

 As for the dishonorable Rep. Steve Largent, he broke not one but two pledges
 to his Oklahoma constituents!

 Like Watts, he too also promised not to run for a fourth term but reneged.
 Then, within a year of winning that fourth term, he's now bailed early to
 run for governor of Oklahoma!

 At the time of the 2000 election Largent weakly explained, "There's
 unfinished business still to do."

 In a political campaign television commercial aired in his home state last
 year, Largent said, "The reason I broke my word on serving three-terms was,
 ...there's more work to be done, ...there are still hills to climb. "

 Unlike Watts and Largent, Former Rep. Tom Coburn (R-OK), who also came in at
 the same time in the 1994 Republican sweep, honored his pledge to serve just
 three terms and leave.

 In AM radio ads for his hand-picked successor, Andy Ewing, Coburn stated,

 "When you honor your pledge to serve and go back home,
 the big money special interest boys can't get their hooks into you."

 Last year, Coburn was also quoted as saying, "It's sad to see a good man be
 turned corrupt by a bad system."

 Who do you think he was referring to?

 But, wait! There's more liars out there!

 "House Members who have backed out of their voluntary term-limit pledges include
 George Nethercutt (R-Wash.), Marty Meehan (D-Mass.),  Scott McInnis (R-Colo.),
 Ron Lewis (R-Ky.) and Lee Terry (R-Neb.). Sens. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.)
 and Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) have dropped similar promises."

 There are five "R's" in that list of shame along with two "D's", Hugh. Are you going to
 announce them as liars on the air along with the "D's" you have no qualms lambasting
 for such unethical conduct? Would you consider supporting ALL of the opponents of
 these dishonorable men in the next election and have them on your show to raise money
 for their campaigns?

 I'll be listening to see if you'll be consistent and do the right thing by letting your audience
 know the names of ALL of these "Wellstone's" and that you won't support anyone who
 breaks their word to their constituents, even if they're republicans.

 Nobody's looking, it's up to you.

 Take care,
 Dave from Sacramento

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