A slice of JHS humor,
from an e-mail, picking up in mid-conversation...
(slightly edited by BartCop, to ensure privacy)

...but speaking of Cheeney, maybe you can help... We are told we are on highEST alert
and then we get the latest threat and we are told to be on a highER alert...What would that be?
Oh, and we are told to get back to normal,  we are asked to go on out to dinner and go shopping.

Meanwhile we are so safe that the VP has been hidden since the "Evil Ones" made their first dasterdly appearance.
We are asked to get out there and support the American economy but Cheeney isn't slapping his credit card on a
retailer's counter, he is hidden and safe.  And now W wants us to send our children out to work so they can earn
money to send on up to the WH for W to send off to the children of the "Evil Ones."

These, if I understand W's limited vocabulary, would be the children
of the country where we alternate food drops with bombs.

He says we are going to "flush the evil doers out of their caves."  If the food flushes them out to be bombed,
what do they want with Adam's hard earned money?  ...I plan to get out in crowds again when I see Cheeney
doing likewise, and in the meanwhile I rest comfortably.. ...the good guys at the FBI are at full alert
and I have personal experience with their credibility.


 Write to Julie!
 She'd enjoy hearing from you.



From:  Juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

Subject: Re: Way to rock the ditto monkey

To:  w_pitt@hotmail.com

Thank you for your kind words re my forthcoming column, I am really looking forward to writing and to
getting to know more of the Bartcop.com crew.  I can tell you that, given my particular personality and my
own sense of right and wrong, standing up to Starr and his henchmen was very simple.  There was never a
decision to be made, I did what I knew was the right thing, the only thing, to do.  That is not to say that I
thought it was easy to listen to lies and outrageous allegations, that part was difficult.  The media was as
stunning as the OIC in their ability to fan a fire of rubbish.

It took a little time to be able to avoid letting it be personal.  And, of course in another way the fact that it was
through me, at me, but never really about me, personal but not personal also made it more difficult.  It was
always about President Clinton, it was always about turning over two elections, it was always about the
"end justifying the means."  I was in the way and I became the "means," neither the Govt. nor the right wing
cared what happened to me and they certainly did not care about the truth.  Truth had long before been the
first casualty in what really was a right wing conspiracy to remove our President from office.

It was an attempted coup and it failed. It also did not happen in a vacuum, nor was it an isolated situation.
The lengths they were willing to go to in order to control the White House became even more clear after the
2000 election.  Attempted election, it really was not an election as we learned when the Supreme Court
appointed President Bush.  And even then the hatred of the last elected President continued, continued
because he did what they never could, never will.

He was elected, he was given a mandate by the citizens of this country, and he served as well as perceived.
He and his family tolerated the intolerable.  They are the real heroes...You may be right that some "Freeper"
will now call me a "gay columnist," if they do it will be an improvement over some of the terms they have used!

Generally I am called a, well never mind, I am called some pretty desperate names and I have learned to just
"consider the source."  I hate to admit it, but it generally just makes me laugh.  Maybe I am just easily amused,
but the absurdity and creativity are amazing...

Thanks for your support, the people at Bartcop have literally carried me through some very rough spots.
Each of you have been there with just the right thing at the right time, I am profoundly grateful.


 Julie Hiatt Steele is one of two people (along with Susan McDougal) who had the courage to sidetrack
 the illegal Jihad waged by Kenneth Starr and the GOP against the wishes of the American voters.

 If Julie had caved in to the incredible pressures Starr applied with the entire might of the United States
 federal government, Kathleen Willey would have been seen as credible and the weenie Democrats
 would probably have voted with Starr and the GOP to deny the voters their choice of president.
 (They completed that task with the Florida Theft)

 I met Julie through Tamara Baker and we became "fast" friends.
 She told me a little of what Starr had put her through and I told her I couldn't wait to read her book.
 Julie said she'd like to begin writing a book but didn't have a computer to get started.

 (Legal fees are tremendous when fighting a never-ending, taxpayer-financed, religious fanatic
  who is obsessed with removing the elected leader of the world's only superpower.)

 Talking to her on the phone, I noticed she had a lot to say about many, many issues,
 so I suggested we work together on a project and she said "Yes."

 Her computer was delivered and semi-set up at the end of September, 2001.
 I told her she could write about anything - anything at all - and I wouldn't censor her.
 She has a lot to say about President Bush and his party - I think you'll enjoy her writing.
 Very soon, she will begin writing regular columns on  bartcop.com

 Until that first column arrives, enjoy her "hello" letter.

From:  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com


Dear Bartcop et al,

This is one of those "magical moments" for me.
You cannot begin to imagine how much I have looked forward to writing a HUGE THANK YOU
to all of you or how much I am looking forward to writing for Bartcop on a regular basis.

And, look at me!  I am online, using a computer that has not been hit by a storm, and it works!
Actually, do not look at me, I am the haggard one with circles under my eyes that say nearly
as much about the "Ground Hog Day" move from Arsenal Drive as I am able to verbally recount.

"DAYS?"   Make that WEEKS of misery!  I thought my heart would break at the beginning of
"the move from Hell" but your letters, financial assistance, and Bartcop's generosity made a difference
that meant everything to me. The move that began prematurely with ten minutes notice from
moving company no. one commenced on July 17.  We said goodbye to group no. four on Sept. 11.

Our belongings, for the most part, can be classified as "lost, stolen, or strayed."
If it had any value it is broken or gone.  I guess they forgot that you probably don't want to place
crystal glasses in the bottom of a box without paper wrapping and then drop a broken printer in on top.
I realize that paper should be conserved, I just did not understand how important it was to wrap
all of the stainless steel flatware individually!  You will be glad to know that it got here just fine.
Unfortunately I did not want it here, nor did I want most of what was hauled here by the movers.
Who knows what is in storage, I would like to think they got things backwards, but based on
what I know "disappeared," I think they had different priorities.

My realtor had different priorities as well. She could not tell me often enough that she had
an obligation to the buyer.  I never figured out who had an obligation to me in this fiasco.
The good news is that we avoided foreclosure with 10 minutes to spare.  The bizzarre news is that
the foreclosure attys. and the mortgage service provider did more to help than the "Home Team!"
On the other hand, I continue to be threatened that if I don't make my Sept. payment
I am going back in to foreclosure!!!.....

I thank you for reminding us that we were not as alone as the OIC had wanted us to be.
They were successful in Richmond, people were afraid of us to the end.
They were not convinced "it was over" and did not want to tangle with the OIC.
In a very real sense it is not over, my presecution and trial were not events that occured in a vacuum.
The leap from Federal Court to the Supreme Court should not have been as stunning as it felt at the time.
A political process replaced Justice and Democracy each time.

We did not go to trial because it was believed that I had done anything wrong
or because the OIC wanted to find the the truth, THEY HAD IT!

They don't want you to know...  And we certainly did not vote last November to have our voices heard.
The Supreme Court appointed the President for us.  I will tell you that I felt much better today
when I caught an interview with George I and got to hear him tell us how proud he is of Jr.

One basis for pride came from W's focus during the present crisis.
Sr. said that W has really stayed focused and how proud that made him feel of his son.
Adam's teacher said the exact same thing about him on his first day at the new school.
Adam is eleven years old and focus on anything for long is noteworthy, but the President?
We are to share in the family's pride because their grown son, the President of this country, is FOCUSED?

... More soon, I am exhausted and still trying to get settled.  We are in a rented apt. for the winter.
The price and timing were right and I now have an opportunity to really think about a more permanent move next June.
Suggestions welcome anytime!

Meanwhile please stay in touch, you have meant everything to us.
Thank you,


Julie's regular column will start very soon.

Write to her at  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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