Lately I've mentioned a  surprise  that might be coming up.

 Remember now, nothing happens until it happens.

 If I say, "U2 is playing the big BartCop Birthday Bash in Vegas,"
 that wouldn't be true until they took the stage, right?

 I'm going to tell you what is supposed to happen.

 Anton, drum roll.................

 Julie Hiatt Steele has agreed to
 write a weekly column for

 The timetable is this:
 Her son will start school a week from tomorrow.
 Before then, she expects to have a place to stay.
 Once she has that (she doesn't know what city or state she'll be in)
 she will get a computer, get online and begin writing.

 "How will she get a computer if she's penniless," you ask?

 Well, she wants to write a book telling her story.
 She can't start on her book until she has a computer, and she can't afford one,
 so I figured I could put a computer on my credit card and have some local dealer
 deliver it and set it up. I figure I can get her a good computer for about $1000,
 so if she writes a column for two years, I'll be paying about $10 per column
 to have a world class author (and genuine hero) join the BartCop team.

 On her end, if she just spends 30 minutes a week writing a column for
 she has the other 167.5 hours to work on her book!

 I can't wait to read her writing.
 She's very well educated, and she's an encyclopedia of dates and facts.
 ...and boy, if she writes like she talks, buckle your seatbelt.

 She has very strong opinions about the jackals (my word) who are bent on
 destroying America, and Koresh knows she's not afraid of anything.

 I can't believe that someone as real and brave as Julie Hiatt Steele would even talk to
 a bonehead with an IQ of 64, much less join in a project with him, but that's the plan.

 So here's the deal...

 A week from tomorrow, she'll be living somewhere.

 Maybe two weeks from tomorrow, she'll be online.
 It's my best guess her e-mail address will be

 You can send her e-mail!
 And if you do, I'll bet she answers you.

 To me, that's damn exciting!
 I hope you agree.

 So cross your fingers - this looks like it's going to work.

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