Even after three years...
     by Julie Hiatt Steele

This first day of November inspires my rage and recalls my pain.
It was a Sunday, November 1, 1998...

 Aware that both the Washington Post and the New York Times had planned to write favorable articles
about my plight at the hands of the OIC, Adam and I bundled up and headed for Buford Road Pharmacy to
purchase both papers and one Happy Meal from neighboring McDonalds.  We returned home to several
voice mail messages, from my sister, from my brother, and from my attorney.  Each message directed me
to return the call and each of the several messages sounded vaguely ominous.

Before I could look at the now forgotten papers, or decide which call to return first, the phone rang again.
It was my sister and, clearly shaken, she repeated the words spoken to her by an unidentified caller:
"You better tell your sister that if she knows what is good for her and her son,
  she will back Kathleen Willey's story."

The male caller had then hung up the phone.  Caller ID listed the call simply as "out of area."
Unable to reach me, Elizabeth called our brother, Ben.  Still unable to reach me, they reached Nancy Luque, Esq.,
conference call.  Nancy directed Elizabeth to alert the local FBI in Orlando and later asked that I contact
authorities in Richmond.  Although the call was not specific in terms of its threat, it was clearly threatening
and it also represented an attempt to obstruct justice in the continuing Starr investigation.

It was also perplexing because my sister had not been mentioned in any media reports, and in fact the
Orlando Sentinel had no idea that I had a relative living in their midst.  Although friends in Richmond may have
been aware that I had a sister in Florida, none had her address or even her last name.  We talked on the phone
regularly and visited at least annually, but Adam and I always went to Orlando rather than Elizabeth coming to
Richmond.  At that time, Adam had made more trips to Disney World than his age in years!  I make this point
because, during their "reign of terror and ridiculous allegations," it was suggested that I "sold out" (lied) for a trip
to Disney World.  Please, that insults me on at least two fronts.  The first and obvious being that I would lie in
the first place.  The second that I would lie for a trip to a place that Elizabeth and I, generally with free tickets,
endure (summer heat, crying children, sudden soaking and sweltering rain, testy adults from all over the world
determined to get their money's worth, etc.) for Adam's sake!  Thanks, but no thanks!

The police in Chesterfield County, as by now would be no surprise to me, responded immediately.  They came
to the house, took a report, made copies of the two articles (still not thoroughly read by me), and asked for my
sister's name, phone information, and who might have this information.

 They also informed the local FBI office.  Ten days later the local FBI actually got around to paying me a
visit and asking the same questions, albeit belatedly.  Meanwhile Elizabeth reached FBI Agent Mary
Denning in Orlando.  Agent Denning informed my sister that due to the fact a "high profile" case was
involved, she would need to contact her supervisor.  She also stated that she would be contacting Sprint
the following morning in order to obtain phone records.  She assured my sister that no authorization would
be needed from her, and that by Wednesday she would have answers.  My sister gave her numbers for
work, for home, for their Lake house, and for her cellular phone. She wanted to be available, to help in any
way possible or appropriate.  We were still true believers, even then.  FBI meant the good guys and court
meant truth.  We believed it without doubt, without reserve.

We were wrong...

Wednesday came and went, Mary Denning alternated between ignoring my sister's subsequent calls and treating
her rudely or with disdain.  Agent Denning left a message, preserved on a tape that I still have, for Elizabeth in
which she shouted at my sister and also indignantly informed her that all of her "cases are treated equally" and
that when she had "something to report she would call!"  A far cry from the "call me anytime" and assurances of
resolution by the previous Wednesday...

On November 10, it was my turn.  Local agents made an appointment and came to the house to question me.
Relieved, I provided the same information I had provided to the local police and that Elizabeth had provided to
Agent Denning in Florida. I also remember that I spoke with the Agent in charge of the Richmond office by phone.
I had known him indirectly for years.  His daughter, Beth, and my daughter, Lynn, had been best friends all the way
through high school.  He and his family had been guests in my home.  He told me they, and he, were praying for me.

There was something vaguely disquieting about that statement.  I wanted to confirm the name of the individual who
had made the November 1 phone call.  I wanted "Starr and Co." to go away and leave me alone.  I wasn't certain
that I wanted to be prayed over, it seemed to lend an air of gravity to my circumstances that I was not ready to accept.
Before they left, the Agents called Orlando and put me on the phone with Agent Mary Denning.  Intended as an
introduction, they waved and let themselves out the door as soon as they handed the phone to me.  Agent Denning
then proceeded to inform me that she did not want to talk to me, could tell me nothing, and that it would, in fact,
be illegal for her to do so.  She informed me that if and when she had information, she would notify the Richmond
FBI office.  It would be their responsibility to contact me...

...more to come

I have a question:
Doesn't Ken Starr belong in prison for providing Julie's sister's phone number
to a goon who would then call and threaten her and her son?

Starr (R-Bastard) was tapping Julie's phone.
He knew every call she made.
How could she even communicate with her attorney with Starr's goon squad
listening to every conversation she ever had?

Yes, they wanted Bill Clinton real, real bad.
Nobody had Julie's sister's phone number but the goons tapping it.
Ken Starr produced that threat.
Our federal government made that threat.

Thank you, Julie, for stopping this "Christian" monster in his tracks.

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