(supposition: My stalkers send e-mail with vulgar pictures calling Julie names to
 anyone/everyone who posts here. Julie knows to expect the Freepers to stalk her and
 send her threatening mail.  Instead of handling it like I do, she is a lady and addresses
 these neanderthals as human beings, as tho they had a brain with which to reason.
 I'm guessing she's answering one of those here)  Julie's words in blue.

From:  mcchicken@operamail.com

Subject:  Re: Pictures are accurate?

Dear Ivan, I did not lie.  I told the truth.  I said that Kathy willey did not come to my house, that she
did not tell me anything about a grope, and that I did not believe it happened.  That is it!  She FAILED
a lie detector test and her own phone records demonstrated that she could not have been at my house.

This is one of the many bombshells Julie has to drop on Ken Starr.
The day and hour Willey claimed she was at Julie's place, she was on the phone at her house 90 miles
away from Julie's home.  Her phone records prove this.  (Julie got Willey's phone records in discovery.)
That means Starr KNEW Willey was lying, at least about the time and the date, yet he chose to torture
Julie when his own discovery evidence proved Willey was lying.
Funny how the press refuses to mention the FACTS when they parrot Starr's lies.

She later changed that to she was "more sure than not sure" she was at my house, and then to she
"thought"she was at my house because I "reminded" her she had been.  Of course the location of the
alleged grope changed often as well.  And then there were 63 times she "didn't recall" in the Jones
deposition compared with a whole account in sordid detail for 60 Minutes a few weeks later.

Then there was the Jogger.  He was to have threatened her although she supposedly did not tell anybody
until months later when she was asked to explain the difference in Jones testimony and 60 Minutes version.
It seems he scared her.  We are also to believe that post surgery, in pouring January rain, predawn, wearing
a neck brace, unable to sleep, with three dogs, she went out on the road and encountered said jogger, dressed
in black, waiting in the rain and hoping that she would not be able to sleep and would instead walk up to the
road so he could threaten her.  Which part of that makes sense?

Funny, they never did find the mean old jogger...
Bottom line, we did not present a defense and that is why you don't have facts, clearly not your fault.

ha ha
She sympathizes with the caveman having his facts all wrong - it's because he's ignorant, not evil.
Excellent tactic - I need to remember that one.

And I apologize if I am seeming rude, I am honestly sorry.
I am just really tired of being portrayed as a liar.
I was a private citizen like you, I had a job, and a house I loved, and a life.
Nobody in my whole life ever called me a liar until the OIC needed to make me look like one,
worse -- they knew I was telling the truth, it just wasn't what they wanted to hear.
I was afraid to open the file since I don't know you, I assume it is some insulting thing anyway.

This mcchicken@operamail.com guy is pretty brave, isn't he?

Again, I realize that you are not responsible for information you have not been given and I am sorry
if I seem snippy.  I am tired of being hurt and accused of crimes I did not commit.
By the way, I passed the lie detector test I was given...


Note: Willey failed her lie detector test - miserably.
          Starr says she didn't understand the questions.
          Have you ever had a lie detector test?
          Me neither, but Julie told me they go over the questions in advance.
          Willey lied again, and partisan Starr covered for her and framed the
          innocent, single mother because he doesn't like free elections.

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