I talked to Julie H. Steele Friday.

 If you've been following her story, you know that she was recently forced from her home
 to pre-empt the foreclosure vultures when her legal bills neared the million-dollar mark.

 They closed on the house in August, I think, but the boneheaded bill collectors
 are still calling to ask her when she's going to make her next house payment to them.

 She told me she was polite to the caller, (she's a lady) and she explain again to him that the house
 was sold and the check has been cashed, something about which a billion-dollar lender ought to have a clue.
 I told her that I am not a polite man and, if I was her, and they called to put pressure on me
 to pay a bill that was paid months ago, the conversation might go something like this:

"Listen here, you sniveling little son of a bitch. Do you know who I am?
  Do you have any idea who you're talking to, boy?  I'm Julie Hiatt Steele.
  Do you think you're scaring me with your little threats, boy?
  I've been hounded and threatened by the most powerful and vicious animals in America.
  I've had to face down a political attack dog named Kenneth Starr, who had no regard for
  honesty, the truth or fairness - a man without even a shred of human decency.
  With the unlimted power of the federal government behind him, Starr threatened me
  with rotting in prison for forty years and he threatened to take my son away all because
  he didn't like the results on the 1996 election.   Well, I kicked his ass - hard.

  So now, you think you're going to be a big tough guy and scare me into sending
  a payment for a bill that was paid two months ago?"

  Of course, she didn't say anything like that, this was just a BartCop comedy bit.

  But speaking as a person in credit, I know it's the collector's job to get the upper hand
  in the conversation and dictate the terms to the poor guy on the hook to pay some bill.
  But can you imagine some collector, even the best guy in the whole company,
  trying to pressure Julie H. Steele into doing something she didn't want to do?

  ha ha

  I'd sure like to get a recording of that...



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