Subject:  Bart, you're totally out of line on 9/11

I hate to hammer you like this, Bart, but you're full of shit on this one--though maybe you don't know it yet.
As soon as I've finished giving you the red-ass over this, you will.

The Air National Guard was not "asleep" on 9/11.
The Secret Service was not "asleep" on 9/11.
NORAD was not "asleep" on 9/11.

No, Bush cut their balls off. (And you thought he was a know-nothing, do-nothing piece of crap.
Jeeze, what a moran you're being.)

In August 2001, after Bush got the infamous "Al Qaeda's Gonna Start Some Shit" presidential daily brief,
he didn't JUST go back to clearing brush, feeding his rent-a-cows, and playing video games. He signed an
executive order requiring pResidential authority to scramble interceptor jets in response to hijackings.

Do you have a link for this?
Or is this something you're merely certain of?


Where was the pResident--supposedly the only person with the authority to launch interceptors--when Al Qaeda
started the shit? In a kiddie classroom 1200 miles from the White House, reading a damn goat book to a room
full of second graders. And who launched the interceptors that shot down the plane that was supposed to take out
all the Democrats in Congress--and who gave the order to have that plane shot down after all the Democrats got
the fuck out of the Capitol Building and there was no chance of killing enough of the opposition to make a difference?
Why, the real President--Dick Cheney.

Y'know, Bart, if I dig a hole in my front yard, the neighbor kid decides to play in the hole and it caves in, my ass
is in a world of shit because I should have known that children will scale the six-foot cyclone fence with razor wire
on top that I erected around the hole because children like to play in holes. But if the leader of the free world
decides to destroy a set of very carefully planned emergency response guidelines so his friend Osama can blow up
buildings full of Republicans--the WTC was full of brokerage firms, which are Republican breeding grounds--and
make America safe for the writers of shitty patriotic songs like Darrell Worley's "Have You Forgotten?" and
Dennis Madalone's "America We Stand As One"'s okay.

Again, I'm seeing opinions and speculation here.
Do you have anything to back this up?

Oh yeah. Remember the cutesy little exercise the military was holding on 9/11?
The one that was simulating in the Pentagon exactly what was happening on the ground in New York?

Uhh...when you conduct a notional exercise like that, you're NOT allowed to use the name of the real enemy.
This, of course, so that if a message comes in saying "Al Qaeda" attacked us, and your notional terrorist is
"Alfred E. Neuman," you'll know immediately that the attack isn't exercise play. But no one ever mentions that.


Dude, get back to me with those links.
I like what you're saying, but you gotta give me something.


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