I'm invited to a wedding!

 Morgan Frances Pillsbury and John H. Fund announced their engagement
 to friends and family January 1, 2001.   Mr. Fund has been associated with
 the editorial staff of the Wall St. Journal for many years and is now on leave
 to write a book.  The couple will be married in Santa Barbara from the home
 of Morgan's mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster on March 3rd.

 This is confusing.  John Fund has been telling his drinking buddies that he's playing
 hide the hamster with a lady named "Gail Harriet"  from San Diego.

 If he's currently hiding the hampster with Gail from San Diego,
 why is he marrying this Morgan Pillsbury lady?

 Could it be so Morgan cannot testify against him?
 What crimes, if any, has John Fund of the Whore Street Journal committed?
 What does Morgan know that she can testify to?

 Regular readers know how lucky this Fund son of a bitch is.
 He was one of Clinton's biggest critics, calling him "immoral" and all that.
 Fund was dating some lady, and then started cheating on her with her daughter.

 When he was confronted with this blatant immorality, he said,
 "Sometimes what I say isn't the same thing as what I do in my personal life."

 John, I think that's the definition of a hypocrite.

 The lucky part?
 His illicit/incestuous affair came to light September 10, 2001.

 It was in the  bartcop.com  report for September 11th, but something else came up that day and the
"John Fund is an adulterous scumbag bastard and a whore" story got buried.

 And who is this Morgan, John?
 Does Morgan know the truth about you?
 Does she know you're an immoral scumbag bastard and a hipocrite, John?

 I guess I can always tell her at the wedding.
 When the preacher says, "Does anyone know why these two should not be joined together?"
 I'll stand up and say, "Yeah, because John Fund is an adulterous scaumbag bastard and a whore."

 See you March 3, John.

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