You can read what's below, but I found a complete clip
 and it won't cost Perkel an extra hundred dollars.


 This is the entire Jon Stewart monolog and it's worth the DL time.

I wish there was a way I could post this whole clip.
This might've been a good time to have one of those "50 megs free" accounts set up,
I'll have to check into that when I have more time.

The entire audio clip is about seven minutes, and it's amazing.
When a talented comedian bares everything it can be very moving.
I've only posted the final minute, to minimize the cost to Marc Perkel, my producer.

Click  Here  to download the MP3 of the last part of Jon Stewart's opening monolog
on the first (and only) night he's been on the air since...

He's discussing the view outside his aprtment.
When it gets quiet, that's not a malfunction in your computer.
That's Jon having a tough time trying to get the words out.

He didn't mention this, but I wonder if being Jewish, he carries a little more guilt
that some of this was caused by our standing between Arabs and Israel.

I'll have to take this down if it starts getting a lot of hits
because the traffic meter on Perkel's server will be spinning.


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