Lying, traitorous, back-stabbing whore and Judas

Did you watch Sam and Cokie yesterday?

Sam asked the round table, "Is Bush in trouble over the Enron disaster?

George Will, second week in a row, said something intelligent:  "Bush has plenty to worry about."

But what did the sniveling, back-stabbing Judas whore say?
From the tape, carefully transcribed by me:

"No matter how much you investigate,
  you're not going to find any abuse of power in the White House
  or by top government officials - you're not going to find that."

You son of a bitch.

The first Sunday after the Monica story broke, George the bastard Judas brought up impeachment for Christ's sake.
Monica Lewinsky drppoed to her knees and the bastard brings up impeachment.

But when Bush's top money man gets caught stealing over a billion dollars from thousands of families,
we get the Judas Maximus guarantee that Bush is completely and totally innocent and untouchable.

If I had more money, I would've shot my TV right on the fucking spot.

How much of a whore can Steffie be?
Remember this graphic?

George Will is over a hundred percentage points more stupid (or lying) than Chippy the Chimp.
You're looking at proof that the chimp is much smarter than George Will.
And we just saw George Will admit the truth about Bush's trouble while Steffie the Judas bastard covered for him.
That proves to me that Judas is soooo much more stupid (or lying) than the guy who lost to a chimp.

I would enjoy spending the night in jail for busting some crowns in his filthy, Judas mouth.
I don't like whores, but I really don't like back-stabbing Judas bastards on the take.

"Funnyboy, you lay off my good friend George Stephanopolous.
 He's a valuable member of Team Bush.
 He knows his place and he doesn't ask for much.
 The president depends on him a lot.
 You'd better watch your ass, Funnyboy.

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