Feb 12, 2002

Christian spent a couple of days with Julie Hiatt Steele.
She tells me they got along famously and stayed up late talking like schoolgirls.
She says Julie is a total riot in person and just too much fun to talk to.

Christian is there to help Julie get set up with computer stuff.
They got her scanner working, and she has turned on her PayPal account.

Back when she lived in a paid-for home and had a life, Julie had a nice computer
but lightning struck it, and then that prick-bastard Starr struck her, and she was dragged
into the Republican cesspool of hatred. For the last four years she's been trying to
crawl out of the hole Starr pulled her into, so she's not up on the new techonologies
and Christian is helping her move forward.

I'm walking a tightrope here, trying to tell you all I can without violating Julie's privacy,
but she reminded me over the weekend that when Willey asked her to back up her story to
Spikey Mike Issikoff, the unconscionable back-stabber from Newsweek. She thought Spikey
might've been Willey's new boyfriend and the story was supposed to make him jealous.

When Willey asked her to back up her story that Clinton groped her, Julie was confused
and Spikey was due to knock on Julie's door any minute, so she decided to help her "friend" out,
not knowing she was already a target of Hardon Kenny and his lust for Clinton's zipper.

Some people think when Julie made that near-fatal mistake, that she was aware she was
playing the hardest ball that's played in this country.   She had no idea.

There's a whole lot that's about to come out, but she really needs to stay quiet until
after Robert Ray's (R-Mother never loved him) report is out and final.

Remember alllll during Iran-Contra, Reagan lied again and again,
"Once I'm allowed to comment, you won't be able to shut me up."

Turns out, when it was his time to comment, all he could whimper was,
"I forget,"  and  "not that I recall."

Trust me.
Julie will have no memory problems when this self-imposed gag is lifted.

In the meantime, write to Julie at   Juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com
If you can send $5-$10 dollars her way with PayPal, she could really use it.


One other thing...
I haven't cleared this with her, but it couldn't hurt to include your phone number
with your message or PayPal donation.  She has been given 2000 minutes of free long distance,
so it's possible she could call and thank you in person for contacting her.

I can't guarantee she'll call you, obviously, but I can guarantee she won't be calling
if you don't include your phone number when you write to her. You mght also include
your time zone so she has a clue when to call.

For triple-obvious reasons, she isn't sending caller ID, so if you have a security
system that prevents unidentfied callers, listen for her to announce herself.

If you're lucky enough to get a call from her, prepare to listen fast!
You won't believe the sparkle on the other end of the phone.

She's the best.


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