Astrology looks at "An Evening With Julie Hiatt Steele"
   by Geneva Clark,  official  astrologer

Hi BC,
I'm unable to contribute to the JHS fund, being on a very fixed income and a tough winter to get through, but I completely admire that courageous lady.  What I can do, being the Official BartCop astrologer, is give you a time guideline, for the date you've chosen, April 27, to start the festivities.  Since you haven't mentioned the time when this evening would get underway I figured that was still up in the air.
May I suggest that you start the gala proceedings between 7:45 and 8 PM? During that time there are some good indicators that Julie would be received in a very favorable light.  The planet Venus would be her ruler, in a conjunction with Mercury, her speech will be charming and witty, giving her the ability to successfully defuse her detractors.  There is an 8th house stellium, a group of more than 4 planets in one sign, indicating strong support from others (8th house) especially financial.
The mid-heaven, the public sector of a chart, has protective Cancer on the cusp, indicating this will be like a cozy family event.  Ruler Moon is in glamorous Libra.  Fortunate Jupiter, the expansive planet of good times and fun, is in trine to the Ascendant, the area of the chart that tells the outcome of the event, and is in sextile to the Sun, in the sector ruling Julie.   Trines and sextiles are both positive, flowing aspects.
Mars, the high energy planet ruling new ventures and meetings, is in another trine to Neptune, indicating that Julie's story will touch a sympathetic and compassionate chord in her audience.  Mars is also in a trine to Saturn, providing a good opportunity to launch a new enterprise and a favorable outcome. Saturn also co-rules the 5th House, the sector of recreational good times, socializing, and creativity.  This seems like a good day for your endeavor and a good time to ensure the event will be a success.
Hope this helps you out.   As for a hotel to stay in, how's about The Watergate??
Should bring back such happy memories for the Republican's (snicker).

Take care,

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