From: Kerry   (author of 74 and Broke)

Subject: Oh the Luxury of Hot Water

Dear Bart,
Never again will I take the luxury of hot water for granted, or even the luxury of having indoor plumbing.
I can remember my grandmother being overjoyed at having cold water piped into the kitchen even though
she still had to use an outhouse and thinking it was the greatest modern convenience of her lifetime.
How wonderful to sit and soak in a hot tub of bubbles with the house so warm I don't turn blue drying off afterward.
The plumber came yesterday and installed the new water heater with a pan under it so I will never again have to
worry about flooding from a leak or a break in the tank.  If there is ever another leak it will go into the pan and
drain out under the house and not soak the carpets.
When I read your emails and saw the message on your website I was overwhelmed by your generosity and
that of your friends.  I kept going back all day rereading them to make sure it wasn't a dream like the ones
I have been having about hot showers and soaking in a tub of hot water.  LOL
Funny how we don't really appreciate what we have until we don't have it anymore.
How can I ever thank you!  Mere words cannot express the depth of my gratitude and appreciation to all of you.
Not just for hot water and a warm home but the hope you all have given me that there are still good, caring people
out there and that we can take back our country and make it once again the America we grew up being proud of
where everyone counts, not just the wealthy.  I had been so distraught over the coldness and indifference that has
taken over our country but you have renewed my faith and refreshed my spirit to continue fighting for what is right.

Thank you so much for my hot water and warm home and especially for the gift of HOPE, it is priceless!
I hope you will let everyone know how much they are appreciated
and especially you taking the time and interest to make it happen.
With love to you all,
Kerry, HRH & Kalliope
Not old, just chronologically impaired!  LOL

Kerry, it's great to hear that you're back among "the heated."

I think the people who contributed feel almost as good as you do.
I hope you and HRH and Kalliope have a great Christmas, too.

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