BartCop Readers:

This will be the last email I send to anyone affiliated with BartCop.
I am sending this to over 500 emailers on his website so they know
what really happens when they send something in or respond in any way.

ha ha
Make him stop!

He changes what you say and puts it in writing.  That is libel.

ha ha
That's not libel, you nut.  That's making you the donkey!
Hell, I didn't know you were an attorney.
If I'd known that, I would've been a lot meaner.

I have sent him pictures with captions and he uses the pictures and changes the captions.

ha ha
Make him stop!

He is a liar.  I have better things to do than read fiction.  I can read fiction
on the Internet at any Democratic Party website or at any bookstore in America.

If you are a fan of his you probably know he is a liar and a fake.
He employs illogic and is a master at emotionlogic.
He uses hate-speech and spews poison everywhere.
He would rather you believe a lie and have his goals succeed over telling the truth.
If he and his followers succeed they will fail.
His ideas lead to poverty, misery, failure and impoverishment of America.
If you want the USA to become the USSR or worse continue to support his ideas.

Yeah, Clinton proved that Democratic logic means poverty, misery, failure and impoverishment of America.

Read what he claims I sent him in today's postings and compare with what I actually sent him which follows:

"Clinton was essentially an opportunist in the pursuit of power[18]. He had
very little coherent political 'philosophy'. His focus was upon power. In my
view he is best seen as atavist, a throw-back to an earlier society: the
'great conqueror' and would-be builder of empire, not a modern pragmatic
politician. In a sense, he was born out of his time. He was a brilliant
stage performer who, in a later part of the century, might have ended as a
pop singer or a successful salesman or businessman. Clinton is, as with us
all, a child of his times. He is also an example of the professional
politician-not primarily an ideas man, but an opportunist who will 'read the
polls' and say whatever it takes to gain and stay in power."

The author certainly has Bill Clinton pegged accurately, doesn't he.
This is fascinating because if you are a liberal or a conservative there is plenty to agree with.
Not much to disagree with. The only flaw in the analysis is that I told a little fib.

Hey, Lar, I guess that makes you the liar, doesn't it?

I substituted the name Clinton for the real subject of the analysis.
The real subject was Adolf Hitler.

Goodbye BartCop fans.  Forever.
Larry Kilbride

ha ha
Why do you torment yourself this way?

Hey, Maroon,  let me sell you a clue:
This is a comedy site.
You think I'm going to print your Clinton = Hitler rant as is?
What are you, like, ...nuts?

And what's with this phoney, "Goodbye forever?"
You're hooked on, Son.
You have no chance of quitting.
It's in your blood.
You live and breathe, and you know it.

Just try to stay away, I double-dare you.
You can't, because you're hooked like a crack whore who's wacky on the junk.

(Hold on, I have to wipe the tears from my eyes...)

Poor Larry, he sent some Nazi horseshit to and got it turned around on him,
making Von Reagan the butt of the gag - I'll bet that's a crime in Massabama and Carolina.

ha ha

Wait - you took the time to send proof of getting my foot in your ass to over 500  readers?
How much do I owe you?

ha ha

 Oh, no, Larry is taking my readers away, too.
 It's the end of!!


Subject: Fwd: BarCop The Liar

Mr. Bartcop:

I had read your daily commentary for several months with deep regret for the lack of truth it contains.

Today I received an e-mail from a lkilbride who declared you to be a fraud and untruthful.
Really, how low you stooped to re-phrase his monologue.  Totally undignified and unfair.
Really, indecent and uncomely.

It had been suggested by several honourable people in my circles that I enter a debate with you awhile back.
I really could not because of a busy international schedule.  After reviewing your postings it would be futile
to expect you to be an honourable debater.  You simply appear incapable of the truth.

I had quit reading your doggerel and chicanery a short time ago.
The e-mail received today prompted some remarks.
You must not get away with lying and misleading so many.
The world can not take more despots and propagandists in the image of the late Josef Goebbels.

Good Day and Good Bye.

Dr. Essex Franklin, MD, Ph.D., OEB, FLH, AUSCROSS, MBE

ha ha

C'mon, Larry, who'd you get to write the gag letter?

"My doggerel and chicanery were uncomely?"

ha ha

Since "Dr. Franklin Essex" has never had his address on
(and I think I'd remember a nutjob like him,) how did Larry know to send him whine mail?

Hey, Doc, those debates are live.
With all my technical genius, and my PhD in html, (cough)
I've never learned how to change the other guy's posts during a live chat,
but if that's the excuse you needed to avoid a debate, I understand.
It's sad when you let a little thing like fear stop you.

Tell me, Doc,with your busy international schedule, did you ever visit Horseshitania?


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