From Missouri, about KMOX
   by Dennis


I have been reading your site for several months now, I found it through a
link on Drudge Retort. I have found much of the what I have read to be
informative, taken with a grain of salt as with any thing I read on the web,
and nearly all of it entertaining.

I was interested to read the recent string about your producers adventures
with the law, including the history from Springfield. I was surprised that
you did not note that our Attorney General, John (I was appointed by God for
this job) Ashcroft, is from that area of Missouri.

Note: Perkel ran against Ashcroft for the US senate.
               Sometimes I forget to remind readers of that

His extreme style and personal flavor of justice is still very much in effect in southwest
Missouri.  It must be something in the water down there. The Springfield area has
always been an area in which you were careful to avoid confrontation with the cops.
They have a rep for being intolerant towards "out of towners" that come to
their little kingdom to stir up the local culture. Which makes it tough on
the kids from all over the state, and the country for that matter, who
attend S.W. Missouri State Univ. in the heart of Springfield.

Your rant on KMOX radio was of particular interest to me. I was raised, as
were many people in the midwest, listening to KMOX. Not only for  the
Cardinal broadcast, but, for many years, as a source for most of the news to
many of us. I became quite disgusted several years ago with their extreme
conservative slant on ALL issues. Most of the on air programming that they
produce reflects the Rush philosophy on most everything. This has become
more pronounced with the commercial success they have garnered with Rush
on daily and with the purchase of the station by the Clear Channel gang.

They used to at least allow callers on the talk shows to express a contrary
opinion, even if they would end the call by disagreeing. In the last few
years though, they seem to screen the calls as closely as Rush does and will
not tolerate any opposing viewpoints on local as well as national issues.
I find it very difficult to listen to these days for anything except the ballgames.

Even that has become annoying in the last couple of years as St. Louis and
the state of Mo. is embroiled with the issue of building a new stadium for the
Cardinals with a huge chunk of public money. The game broadcasts have
become a commercial for the stadium issue. The play by play announcers
manage to put in a plug for the Cardinal owners and their need for new
stadium welfare way to often.

I am not a screaming liberal, nor do I consider myself to be anywhere to the
right of center on most issues. I have become sick and tired of the right
calling the media "biased left" as I do not see it. I don't see a complete right
lean either, but I think that GW has gotten off on more than Clinton ever did.

Clinton was crucified for nearly everything he did, in all the media as well as
by the right wing talking heads. GW is getting let off the hook for a lot of
things that I fear will come back to haunt us for many years to come, simply
because we are at war. I hope that voices of reasonable people with questions
that should be listened to and answered will be heard again, and soon.

I see big corporate and conservative fear influence reaching into areas that
they can not be trusted to control. The environment and natural resources
of not only the US but the world may be at stake. As well as the civil rights
and liberties of the American people.

(Watch out for John Ashcroft, this man in that position of power scares me)
I am beginning to ramble, please excuse me.

I will write again if I feel the need. Thank you for the venue you provide, there
seems to be precious little chance for many of us to express ourselves these days.
Keep it up.


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