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 Subject: Mel Gibson


 I have a couple of questions about the Mel Gibson ass whuppin' story.

 How old was Mel Gibson supposed to be when this hellish,
 Reginald Denny-esque beating took place that he could recover from  near death,
 be repeatedly rejected,
 become despondent,
 wander aimlessly and toothlessly with his jaw swinging side to side as he walks,
 meet a kindly priest,
 be taken to the rectory,
 have many reconstructive surgeries,
 recover from that without any scars,
 graduate from High School,
 get accepted to a big time Australian acting school,
 play Romeo to Judy Davis's Juliette,
 graduate from College,
 do some Stage and TV work and then make his first movie all by the time he was 21?

 Why isn't the doctor who fixed him up working in Beverly Hills
 where he could make a gozillion dollars with a grateful Mel as his poster child?

 And why doesn't anyone else in the story have a name?
 I guess I'll just have to listen to Paul Harvey for the rest of the story.

 Mel Gibson did indeed get in a fight and his face was messed up.
 But it didn't stop him from going to an audition THE NEXT DAY,
 and it didn't stop him from getting the part.

 The part of the story about being taken to the rectory might
 explain Mel's displeasure with alternate life styles, though.
 But that makes me wonder about his friendship with Jodie Foster.

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 ha ha

 I think Paul Harvey has been busted.

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