Reply to Phillip Schuman
   by the Last Honest Reporter

 Phillip Shuman mentioned "FDR's recession."
 To see his original column  Click  Here

Schuman listens to too much Right Wing propaganda.  He mixes a little bit of
technical truth with a whole lot Right Wing Garbage and avoids the key question:

Why do Republican Presidents always have devastating Recessions?

    Schuman pushes the Republican excuse that Presidents don't matter.
How else can you convince people to vote for a senile old man and a drunken moron.
But if Presidents don't matter, Why do Republicans always have devastating Recessions?

     We are now at 6 in a row.  There is no arbitrary coincidence that can account for it.
It must have something to do with their policies.  It cannot be said about Democratic Presidents.
And contrary to Schuman's argument 50% is not 100% and statistical blips like Truman and Carter
do not equate with the massive shutdowns of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush.

    It is true that, as Truman converted from a wartime to peacetime economy, a .6% decline in GDP
occurred in 1949.  But in true Democratic fashion it was quickly followed by 8.7% growth in 1950
as factories reopened in Peacetime Mode.  Most Economists and Workers remember it as good
Economic times.
    Any Republican apologist who equates it with the devastating recessions of Nixon, Reagan,
Bush and Bush is not being honest.  Carter suffered a statistical negative growth of .2% in 1980.
It was more about exaggerated inflation adjustments and Stock Market losses during the hostage
crisis, than any real slowdown in economic activity or employment.  Only a year later did we find out
there had been a statistical recession.

    FDR's 3.5% negative growth in 1938 followed 6 years of true record breaking growth.
And you might remember some significant events that occurred that year. (like the start of WWII).
But as is typical of Democrats, the necessary adjustments were made and it was quickly ended,
then followed by a roaring recovery.

    So, I have answered the question about Democrats.
My Question to you still stands.  And before I take any more Economic
advice from Republicans I must know why all Republican presidents have devastating recessions.

    Schuman tries to sound moderate, but his refusal to give Clinton credit and his backhanded
defense of Reagan and Supply Side economics gives him away.  Only a blind right wing ideologue
would suggest that Democrats prefer deficit spending.  As everybody knows, the top three deficit
spenders of all time are: Bush Sr.; Reagan; and Bush Jr. in that order.
    So Mr. Schuman, I'm sure that Bartcop will print your response.
but please begin your piece with the answer to the important question:

      Why do all Republican President's have devastating Recessions?

 Bart here.

 Check out that chart!
 Look what happens to unemployment EVERY time a Republican says, "I solemnly swear..."

 1953, Eisenhower throws millions out of work.
 1969, Nixon throws millions out of work.
 1981, the motherlode, Reagan throws tens of millions of families into poverty.


 1961, Kennedy sworn in and people went to work!
 1977, Carter sworn in and people went to work!
 1993, Big Dog was sworn in and he "focused like a laser beam"
          on the economy and reversed the Reagan error

 If I were you, I'd right-click on that chart and save it.
 Better yet, Click  Here  and get a cleaner copy of the chart.

 Next time some ditto-monkey tells you the Republicans know what they're doing,
 show them that chart and ask them to repeat what they just said.

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