Where were you the night John Lennon died?
 How did you learn the news?
 When did you hear?
 Who told you?

 John Lennon was shot in the back on December 8, 1980.
 That dark anniversary is just around the corner.
 I think the way I found out is the same way most Americans found out, but in all these years,
 I've never heard one person say they found out that same way I did, which is hard to believe.

 Let's do this:

 If you'd like to tell us how you found out, we'd like to hear it.
 There are a lot of good writers who regularly contribute to  bartcop.com and I
 think it would be interesting to hear your memories of that December 8th, 1980.
 You non-regulars, here's your chance to share something.

 Make it as long or as short as you like, but don't copy and paste anything.
 I want your words only.
 If you want to quote a line Lennon wrote, fine, just don't quote volumes.
 It doesn't have to be fancy, just tell us about that night, or next morning, whatever.

 I will ask BrainSmasher to forward every letter for publication.
 Any letter that's not stupid or insulting we be published and will remain online
 until  bartcop.com  crumbles to the sea, so make it count, make it your best work.

 Send your story to us at  bc_publish@yahoo.com
 We need the stories in-hand by Wednesday, or early on Thursday the 7th at the latest.
 But earlier is better.  There's a chance there will be a lot of submissions.

 If John or the Beatles meant anything to you, we'd like to hear it.


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