Let's Roll
     by BartCop

 I know this is going to piss off a lot of people,
 and it'll cost me readers but I don't give a fuck.

 To me, the words "Let's roll" are sacred.
 To me, those words are more sacred than anything in the Bible.

 Sure, Jesus said some great and honorable things, but if you believe in God, you believe that
 Jesus knew for a fact that his death was merely an uncomfortable weekend, and He knew for
 a fact that after those three bad days, He would again rule the universe for all eternity.

 Todd Beamer had no such guarantee.

 Todd Beamer had a damn good idea that his life was coming to an end.
 His wife told him those bastards were crashing planes and he took decisive action.

 When Beamer said those words, he knew he was likely to die in the next 15 minutes,
 and to me that deserves all the respect in the world. More than that, he apparently had
 no idea those words were heard by that operator. How could he have known?

 That wasn't some fabricated phrase that went down well with some bullshit focus group.
 This wasn't some Madison Avenue slogan created to get people to buy fucking deodorant.
 That was his way of saying, "I've had a nice life, now let's save some people."

 Last night, President Shit-for-brains told Bob Costas that he spoke to the ath-a-leetes
 in Salt Lake, and encouraged them by closing with "Let's roll."

 That is a sacrilege.
 You don't DO that.

 Todd Beamer wasn't settling for the silver when he said those words.
 He wasn't trying to win some damn football game.
 He wasn't after some fucking three-peat in basketball.

 He recognized the logic of the situation and figured his life was over anyway, so he went out
 as big a hero as any fireman in New York, and if you know me, I don't say that lightly.

 To me, the only people who can legitimately use that phrase are people who are risking
 their lives going into deadly battle, like our fighter pilots and paratroopers and such.

 Don't get me wrong. Besides Usurperboy, I don't mean to accuse people who've
 used that term of anything, but I think it's time someone stood up and said
 "This is not a phrase we use when we're trying to break
    the beer chugging record at some fucking bar."

 Years ago, I angered ditto-monkeys on the Prodigy Billboards by saying a soldier who threw
 his body on a grenade in Vietnam to save his platoon deserves more respect  than the son of
 Almighty God who had the ultimate guarantee that he'd be back to normal in 72 hours.
 Beamer and his fellow passengers deserve that same respect.
 They should have a memorial built for what they did so they're never forgotten.

 "Let's roll," is a life-and-death utterance of ultimate dignity and I don't like to hear it used frivolously.

 I'm not trying to start some big crusade, because the hammer is nowhere near big enough to affect
 anything nationally, but maybe when you hear some shithead say "Let's roll," when he's off on a
 beer run, maybe you'll think to remind him what those words really mean.

 ...and President Weak and Stupid?

 That phrase is NOT some damn toy your Daddy bought!
 You don't own it!!
 You don't get to play with it!!

 It doesn't belong to you!

 Your actions on September 11th were the exact opposite of Todd Beamer's.
 You ran like a cockroach when your country was in severe trouble and needed a hero.
 Thank God Rudy Giulinani stood up and became President for a few days  while you
 were running and hiding like back in your AWOL days with the National Guard.

 Todd, I wish "our" president had one tenth of your courage.

 I'd like to propose a toast - a shot of Chinaco to you and those who helped you
 and every hero who helped defend this country in its darkest hour..


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