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Limbaugh Can Go Straight to Hell

Wasn't it disgusting to hear Limbaugh give his little lecture about how tough war is?

It takes a lot of damn gall to criticize the way Kerry's memory was affected by battle.
Who the hell is Limbaugh to pass judgment on whose combat trauma is justified?

Since Rush had a deferment, shouldn't he keep his mouth shut about this issue.

This brings up another point.  You know who I have lost all goddamn respect for?
The VFW.

They cheer at Smirk and Cheney's draft-dodging so-called patriotism, and stood and said nothing
when punks like Limbaugh and Chris Matthews said that Al Gore went to VietNam to avoid the war.

Is there anyone in American history with MORE draft deferments than Cheney?
Did anyone ever get six?

Does the VFW want a tax cut and prayer in public schools so goddamn badly
that they giggle and wink when draft resistors call Al Gore a draft dodger
and then they turn around and give Cheney and Smirk a standing ovation?

I'm eligible to join the VFW, and I'm thinking about doing so just to bring
some conscience back to that organization.

I'm not interested in the poker games, the strippers, the parties with prostitutes, or any of the other
reasons those bastards join while they pretend to love their country.  I might join just to bring the
hammer of truth to my local VFW hall for the first time in 13 fucking years.

And Kerry can kiss my ass, too.

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