Subject: Why does Rush hate Veterans?

First is was "Crazy" McCain, now Kerry.

listening to Rush rip into Bob Kerrey is like listening to Newt Gigrinch talking about "family values".

you make me sick, you draft-dodging, cowardly, treasonous bastard.

If seven people are involved in a wreck, there will be seven different stories, ask a cop.
In WARTIME, magnify that times 100.

In Vietnam they strapped explosives to children, and many women fought alongside men. It
was extremely hard to tell who was the enemy and who were peasants.
They were fired on at night, and shot back.

Kerrey went, Kerrey served. Kerrey fought.
Thats enough to make him a hero in my book.

Rush, YOU pussied out.
Just like Bush.

Let Kerry speak for himself, you have NO idea what wartime,
fighting and killing feels like, if he has any regrets, thats his right.

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