Subject: Liar liar pants on fire

 Dear Rush:

 You lard-sweating pork sop, please tell your audience the truth about Al
 Gore. Al Gore was the first person to hold hearings about Love Canal, and
 Toone, TN. He never claimed to have discovered Love Canal.

 Erich Segal in a New York Times story dated Dec. 14 1997 stated that the
 preppy hockey-playing male lead, Oliver Barrett IV, indeed was modeled
 after Gore and Gore's Harvard roommate, actor Tommy Lee Jones.

 Gore did in fact play a big part in bringing the Internet to it's modern
 form, and it is indeed factual for him to say he "took the initiative in
 creating the Internet." Tim Verners Lee (creator of the HTTP protocol)
 has said that Gore was indeed instrumental in helping to shape the

 Please take your lying misinformation and shove it up your cyst-filled ass.

 Have a nice weekend.
 John Hardin

 In the beginning there was nothing, and then even that exploded.

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