Cannabis is given health all clear

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 Scientists today cleared the way for a softening of the law on cannabis, declaring that
 the drug "is not associated with major health problems for the individual or society".

 The Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs found that while cannabis
 smokers can become dependent, the drug is not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol.

 For whom is this a shock?
 The religiously insane folks and fun-hating Republicans said pot was bad.

 Doctors and health care professionals have known since the sixties that
 the only dangerous part of marihuana are the crazy laws that surround it.

 Nobody gets high and commits a violent crime.
 That happens when people use alcohol, not pot.

 It's possible to have a wreck while driving high, but most people are
 extra-careful when they drive high, unlike a drunk who is driving blind.

 Pot doesn't break up families, unless one partner turns religious,
 turns insane or turns Republican.

 Pot doesn't kill 400,000 people a year, either.  Tobacco does that.

 For decades, they've fed us a steady stream of lies and misinformation
 because nobody has had the courage to call a spade a spade.

 Why do Republicans claim they want less government and more freedom,
 then authorize hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for helicopters and
 drug-sniffing dogs and infra-red heat sensors to catch pot growers?

 Remember in the seventies, they sprayed Paraquat, which is a POISON
 on pot plants to "protect the children?"

 How, exactly, does poison protect children?

 But you watch...

 If England relaxes their pot laws, and turns into another Amsterdam,
 with pot and hash cafes with menues and quality and portion controls
 they will probably get a 100 percent increase in tourist dollars spent.

 If logic and common sense won't turn conservatives around,
 maybe good, old-fashioned greed will do the trick.

  One last excerpt:
 In healthy young people, cannabis is even said to have
 a similar effect on the heart as exercise.

 ha ha
 Right-wingers will hang themselves at the thought of medical science
 saying pot might even have some beneficial properties.

 The findings are sure to dismay some anti-drugs campaigners who
 regard cannabis as a "gateway drug" which can lead users to
 experiment with harder substances, such as heroin.

 Oh, sure, like beer isn't the biggest gateway drug of all time.

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