Juliefest2002 = good idea, lots of response
 BC Long Distance = good idea, not lots of response.

 Maybe the initial "jump in" price was too high, so we're going to run a special.
 Just 8.3 cents a minute for anytime long distance.

 8.3 cents a minute - cheeeeeap.
 If you call someone during the day, or charge a call to your house from work,
 AT&T will sock you for 50 cents a minute, a dollar a minute, two dollars a mionute etc.
 That's why they never quote you a rate when Carrottop does his pitch.
 He says "save big" on long distance - well, hey - compared to what?

 The big guys are lying, they're trying to screw you.
 Let  bartcop.com  be your long-distance carrier.
 8.3 cents a minute for ANYTIME calls.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PayPal to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 This isn't something we planned to do, or wanted to do, but we're in a situation
 where expenses are at an all-time high and treehouse donations are at a low,
 so I thought I'd make this OFFER to see if anyone was interested.

 No, it's not the greatest deal on Earth, but I've seen big companies brag about
 17 cents a minutes, and 8.3 is less than 17, right?

 If you use AT&T, Sprint or MCI, check your phone bill.
 Swear to Koresh, sometimes you're paying THIRTY cents a minute for long distance.
 Funny how Ol' Bart could offer you a 8.3 cents a minute and the big boys charge 30 cents.

 You travelers - if you're ever in a hotel and call long distance, you could be paying
 up to a dollar a minute with hotel charges. If you use a pay phone at a truck stop,
 you could be paying three dollars a minute - trust me - I've been there.

 The cards are good ANYTIME - none of this nights & weekends crappola.
 The only bad news is if you're at some truck stop or hotel, they'll charge you three or
 six minutes worth of time for the call, but you're saving 1-3 dollars a minute if that happens.
 The cards are good forever, too - they don't expire.

 Here's how it works:
 You PayPal or snail mail me $83, and I'll e-mail you a 800 number and
 a code that enables you to have one thousand minutes of long distance.
 My good math tells me that just 8.3 cents a minute - that's cheap!
 and you don't have to listen to Carrottop.

 Maybe this will be a successful fund-raising idea, maybe not, but lately we've negelected to be
 sufficiently selfish and expenses are piling up, so if you're paying MORE than a 8.3 cents a minute
 (you are) you might consider getting in.  Even you people with "free" long distance on your
 cell phones - you signed up for the $40 plan but your bill is always $75-100, right?

 If you want in, PayPal me at  bartcop@bartcop.com  or snail mail $83 to
 PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155  and put "Cheap long distance" on your money order.
 I'll e-mail you the phone number and a private code good for 1000 minutes.

 Ma Bell is an abusive, greedy mother - I'll treat you better.

 Make  bartcop.com  your long distance carrier.
 You save money and the treehouse gets a nickle - that's cool.

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