Subject: Power of 10

How many bartcop readers will say they thought Bart was maybe a wee bit 'PC crabby' 
when he reported that the new CBS show Power of 10 "is a really bad handjob?"
ha ha
Bart.... watched a couple of these shows and I'm finding the questions and polling percentages 
kind of interesting. Seems like knowing the peoples' pulse could be useful for various strategic planning. 

Last night one question was "What percentage of Americans would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger 
if he were allowed to run for President." I was surprised at the 26% which I bet would have been 
much higher a couple years ago. Some other questions:  
What percentage of Americans have given money to a TV evangelist? 
What percentage of Americans are currently working two or more jobs?  
What percentage of Americans have been audited by the IRS?
Don't know much about contracted polling company Rasmussen Reports' cred, 
but their survey methodology appears to be legit from what I remember of stats class.
I'm also somewhat impressed with Drew Carey's humor, sanity and logic as the moderator. 
I've never paid much attention to him, but he's pretty good. Anyway, we still don't know 
what percentage of Americans think they're smarter than George Bush, but that would be telling.
[disclosure: I DO NOT work for CBS in any capacity:]

OK, so maybe it's not the worst show ever, but it has that one fatal flaw.
They might ask, "What percent of people think Orlando is the capital of Florida?"
They don't ask, "What is the capitol of Florida?" 
They ask questions that have no right answers. 

That, and I watched to find out the "Smarter than Bush" number, but they were just teasing.
(The CBS show website says about the polling:
Survey data for Power of 10 questions is collected and processed by an independent 
public opinion research firm, Rasmussen Reports, LLC.

Specific survey questions are determined by Power of 10 and submitted to Rasmussen Reports. 
Respondents are selected on a completely random basis through a process designed to insure an 
appropriate geographic distribution throughout the country. The reported results reflect the overall 
United States population in terms of age, race, gender, political party, and other factors.)

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