From: Mad Dog

Subject: Tequila observations...and a question

First, I have to admit that although I am a known chilehead who frequents Mexican joints in search
of the heat, I am really just a tenderfoot when it comes to fine tequila.  After following your site for
almost a year now, I decided to take you up on you obsession with Chinaco.

Two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went into a Mexican place that appeared to have a large selection
of high-end tequilas.  I asked for a shot of Chinaco Anejo, but all they had was Chinaco Reposada.
I settled for that; wow, it tasted wonderful!  After that night, I did some reading on sites like this:

This site had a great comment about saving the cheap stuff for Margaritas.
They also talked about rot gut tequilas with "Vile" additives!

The Reposada isn't aged as long as the Anejo, and it has a more lemony taste to it.
Tonight (my girlfriend was driving) we went to a place that had Chinaco Anejo.
Now, I don't want to loose you as a friend, but I have to say I liked the Reposada a little bit better.
The Anejo was very good! I must say you are one smart tequila guru for someone with an IQ of 64.
This leads me to a question:

Why do I like the Reposado better?

Have mercy on me BC as I am still recovering from that accident,
and broken ribs can cloud one's thinking a wee bit.

Mad Dog

Mad Dog,
Koresh's truth be known, I'm not sure I've ever tried Chinaco Reposado.
(Maybe some scallawag will search the back issues and prove me a liar.)

But to me, silver and reposado are merely unfinished art.
Like outtakes to a great album, or cutting room footage of a great movie.

When the stork delivers the tequila from the cabbage patch, the artist saves some of it
as is, to sell to whomever likes their tequila green and half-baked without any flavor.
Then he puts the rest in old, oak whiskey barrels, to add that beautiful amber color,
then they add the pears, baked apples, mango and wildflowers to make it the Miracle of Canaan.

After a while, the impatient huns raid some of the barrels and make reposado.
The art that's not plundered becomes the amazing Chinaco Anejo.

If you prefer the almost-finished product, that doesn't make you bad.
It just makes you different.

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