Just five days after bashing George Bush and praising Bill Clinton for fending off
 conservatives, in a performance at a Democratic fundraiser reported in the June 28
 CyberAlert, Bill Maher took his act to a wider audience on NBC’s  Tonight Show.

 Asked by Jay Leno about why he performed at the fundraiser, the host of
 ABC’s Politically Incorrect replied: "I did it because it was the last time I
 was going to be able to pay tribute to Clinton."
     Maher added a bit of info not included in the Reuters story about the fundraiser
 which the June 28 CyberAlert quoted: It took place at a place called The Garden of Eden,
 which Maher described as "a sleazy disco."
     How appropriate for Clinton.

     Here are some of Maher’s other comments on the June 28 Tonight Show,
 as taken down by MRC intern Michael Ferguson:
    -- "I gave him a very glowing introduction because I think this guy, when history looks back,
 will -– and I don’t agree with him always politically, but the way he stood up to that impeachment
 nonsense, I think he changed this country. And I think someday they will name high schools after
 him and kids will proudly play for the Bill Clinton Fighting Cocks, Jay, and I mean that."
     -- "I truly believe he changed the country with that, just the way, you know, Betty Ford put
 a face on breast cancer or Kitty Dukakis on alcoholism, and I think Dan Quayle on mental
 retardation, also. I think he made it that this country will look at adultery differently."
     Leno: "And oral sex."
     Maher: "He put a face on that frequently, Jay."

     -- Leno, referring to Bill Clinton: "Do you think he could get reelected?"
     Maher:  "I think people would definitely reelect him, but they won’t admit it because, you know,
 that thing he did with his [points to his crotch]. You know. How awful. The moral monster, you know.
 I love that -- ‘what do we tell the children?’ That kind of nonsense. I would have told them the truth. Some
 very  bad men made the President feel guilty about." [raises arms]
     Leno: "Let’s ask the audience. Let’s see. How many think Clinton would get reelected today.
 Applause. [Audience applause.] How many say no, would not get reelected.
 [Slightly more audience applause.]"
     Maher: "I’m telling you, a lot of that is hypocritical, I think. I do."
     Leno:  "You can’t go, ‘A lot of that is hypocritical.’ You just took a vote."
     Maher: Yeah, but people say one thing and feel another. People say one thing and do something else
 in the voting booth. Do you believe sex surveys? You believe people tell the truth when they’re on the
 phone being asked, ‘How many times do you masturbate.’ Oh yeah, let me tell you."
     Leno: "You know, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that call. Do you get that call a lot?"

     -- "You never know who’s going to come out a good kid.
 Kids grow up in rotten homes and come out good, and they come up in good homes
 and come out bad. Families are like that. You could take two people, I mean
 George W. Bush and Drew Barrymore were both happy kids. They grew up happy kids.
 No, they did. Their lives came out okay. They’re from legendary American families.
 They couldn’t be more dissimilar, except for the booze and the coke.
 I’m not saying they have nothing in common."

 At a Democratic fundraiser last weekend featuring Bill Clinton, Bill Maher, host of ABC’s very
 politically correct Politically Incorrect, uttered what Reuters described as "below the belt attacks"
 on George W. Bush and claimed Clinton’s opponents are "jealous" of him and he "‘had the strength
 to fight the battles that this country needed to have fought’ with one hand while he ‘beat off
 the harpies who hated him succeeding with the other.’"
     The aforementioned Rich Noyes alerted me to a Reuters story dispatch about the June 23 event
 in Los Angeles and I could not find any other stories anywhere about Maher’s liberal diatribe.

     Here’s an excerpt from the June 24 Reuters report by Steve Holland, which began with a questionable premise:
 Democratic fundraisers featuring President Clinton are typically polite affairs with plenty of criticism
 of Republicans but not usually below-the-belt attacks.
 Then along came comedian Bill Maher of ABC's Politically Incorrect show.
 Republican George W. Bush, Maher said on Friday night, was "drunk until he was 40."
 "This guy is not that bright. I asked him recently, ‘Have you ever had an SUV?’
 And he said, "No, but it's a good idea to get tested.’"

 All this was by way of raising $75,000 for the Democratic National Committee
 in one of 10 money-raising events Clinton is attending in three days to bring in about $4 million....
 Maher usually dishes it out to all sides in his comedy routine, but on Friday night, as the headline act
 for a DNC reception, he gave high praise to Clinton and blasted Republicans for pursuing various
 scandals against him and his wife, Hillary.

 "History will show itself to be grateful for the effort and the fortitude and, I hope, mindful of the
 sacrifices that he has made," Maher said. "I know politics is rough for everybody's who's in it, but this
 man has taken more crap and been more gracious about it than anybody who has nuclear weapons
 should ever be asked to,"  he said.

 "I mean, we know they're jealous of him. I like him and I'm jealous of him.
 But you know, you can imagine what it's like for some pencil-necked freshman Republican geek
 from East Nowhere?" Maher asked.
 Clinton, he said, "had the strength to fight the battles that this country needed to have fought"
 with one hand while he "beat off the harpies who hated him succeeding with the other."

 The crowd roared its approval....

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