Letter Three

From: John Rothra <rothra@iamerica.net>

Subject: Wrongo buddy!


Interesting persepective on Rush Limbaugh.  I have some questions:

1.  Have you ever heard Rush's program?

    (Rush who?)

2.  Do yo understand humer and sarcasm?

    (I know what sarcasm is, but what's humer?)

3.  Do you have ANY idea what the Nazi was?

   ("The Nazi?"
     Was he fat and obnoxious?)

   I believe the answer to these questions is "no".
   Let me go in reverse order and explain the facts to you.

Q3 - The Nazi movement was one of hattred.
They wanted to create a "pure" race of white people.
They murdered jews, gays, blacks, etc.

   (Whose side are you on?)

Rush doesn't hold this beleif.
He idolizes blacks such as JC Watts and Martin Luther King.

(Don't forget Jocelyn Elders, Magic Johnson and Jesse Jackson.)

Q2 - Satire is humor that makes a political or religious point.

(You're right - none of that here.)

QC - I seriously doute you've EVER listened to his program...

(Ha ha.
 I "doute" you could beat Quayle in a spelling beee.)

Plus... you didn't even spell his name correctly!!!!!
You have NO idea what you are talknig about and
therefore your ENTIRE stance is illbasd.


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