Letter Five

From:   jtmcdow@hotmail.com

>I understand your hatred of Rush (anyone who uses stone
>cold logic is bound to irritate and confuse liberals)

 "Stone cold logic?"

 ha ha

 I'm talking about Rush Limbaugh.
 Who are you talking about?

>but what I don't understand is how you tie in the
>tragedy in Colorado to gun control.

 I guess I'm just a non-thinking, knee-jerk liberal sheep.

>Nearly all the weapons used are easily legally obtainable to anyone without a criminal record.
>I suppose if the pair had used steak knives, you would want to ban the
>manufacture and sale of any kind of cutlery?

You just made my point for me, you goof.
You can't see the difference between a machine-gun and a fucking steak knife?

If they'd just had knives, the kids could've disarmed them with chairs.
What are you, like, ...stupid?

My way - you've got two kids with stab wounds.
Your way - we got 15 dead and 20 wounded.

So much for your "stone cold logic."

>Banning the legal sale of weapons is NOT going to keep these weapons out
>of the hands of criminals or maniacs like the misguided youths in Littleton.
>It will only drive their sales underground.

So, Wal-Mart should sell machine-guns and dynamite?
Because banning it would only drive those products underground, right?
That "stone cold logic" of your needs a lot of work, Skirt.

>being the good little liberal that you are, you should realize
>the futility of government intrusion in the case of drug control.

At least you got that one right.
Drugs should be legalized.

>What you and the other bleeding hearts fail to realize is that the more you intrude
>into the day to day lives of our citizens, the more they will want to revolt.

That's Tim McVeigh talking.
Are you proud of him?
Do you have a "Tim Was Right" tattoo?

There's always a place to draw the line.
If you're raping/pimping your teen daughters, the government should intervene, right?
You keep screaming "less government," but you don't mean it.
If my daughter gets pregnant,  you want the federal government to take over her womb.
That makes YOU a big-government weenie!!!

You say you want less government, but you don't.
Bottom line, you don't know what you want until Rush tells you.
You don't have the mental skills of a third-grader, but you're SO goddamn sure you're right.
I'll bet you exchange e-mail with The Jesus Twins.

You'd better call 911, Skirt.
Your "stone cold logic" is taking a terrible beating, isn't it?

>I would venture a guess that if these two kids had parents who actively participated
>in their kid's lives, this tragedy could have been avoided.

But they didn't, so those kids are dead.

Good work, Skirt.
Your "bad guess" just cost 15 kids their lives.

Saying the words, "Where were the parents?" never saved anybody.
Your "stone cold logic" is bleeding profusely.
Pretty soon I'm gonna need some chalk to draw around your "logic."

>This "ME-ME-ME!!!" mentality has led us to this pass.

Assumes "facts" that are bullshit.
You're just parroting the two whores, Rush and Doc Meng.

What makes you think OUR SIDE is the "me me me" side?
Have you ever heard Pigboy's show?
Nobody has bigger ego problems than Rush Limba.

>My message to you is Grow up and learn to take responsibility

Fuck you, Skirt.
I own 5 guns and I haven't shot anybody, ...yet.
But I gotta say, you're pissing me off.

You give assault weapons to schoolkids and then ask them to be responsible with them?
Your "stone cold logic" is in extremely critical condition.

>Mayhaps this says something about your level of maturity.

"Mayhaps" you should have sex with yourself, Skirt.

>My observations,
>Jeff McDowell

>P.S. What is it about Liberals that makes them instantly start throwing profanities about,
>like a small child's temper tantrum, anytime someone disagrees with them?

From your tone, you can eat me.
I've been doing this since 1991.
If you're late to the party, I forgive you.
BartCop-ism is built on compassion.
I speak the language Americans speak.
It differs from "ditto-speak" in many ways.

Besides, don't you have a sense of humor?
We're just poking some harmless fun at the Pigboy.

You think Pigboy sells his hate for $25,000,000 to help America?
You think Rush would shill for something besides cold cash?
You think Rush would work for the good of his country?
You think Rush would work for the sake of the truth?
Pigboy never even voted for Reagan,  that's how committed he is to "the cause."

...or do you think $500,000 per week makes a difference?

Your "stone cold logic" is DOA,  ...Skirt!

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