Letter Seven

>From:  sgmarcot@ix.netcom.com>

>Subject: Mindspring e-mail

>I have been a NetCom, now MindSpring, subscriber for 4 years.
>Yes, their e-mail service went down sometime around last Wednesday.
>I was able to access my e-mail late Friday.
>True MindSpring used a recorded answer to respond to e-mail inquiries.

 (What? Seems like it would be easier to answer e-mail inquiries by e-mail.)

>That is SOP, you fat head!

>You are completely off base with your assertion.
>MindSpring carried a notice on their e-mail difficulty on their page


>You indulge in the same sort of bashing activity as Limbaugh.

>S. S. Marcotte

Dear SS,
Can I call you SS?

You're right, I feel like such a doap.

Everybody knows that when your ISP goes down,
you should go to a Netcom site for an explanation.

What came over me?
I don't know what I was thinking...

Thanks for setting me straight!!

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