Letter Ten

Semi-Monkey Mail

At 11:09 AM 5/13/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I stumbled across your website, and I have to say, your site reconfirms every belief
>I had about liberalism - that it is bitter, misinformed, simplistic and childish.

>Liberalism, as P.J. O'Rourke puts it, is the ideology of sniveling brats.

Dude, it's a joke.

P.J. is one of my heroes.
P.J. gets the fucking joke.
Why not be like P.J.?

Rush says libs don't have a sense of humor.
I'm just a lib poking a little fun at Mr. Pompous

It's a joke.
A simple, make-you-laugh joke.

You know Pigboy is a joke, too, right?
Pigboy is a "screw that minority" joke.
He appeals to the worst of your fringe.
That's not really not even your fault.

I'm not say conservatives are evil and bad,
I'm saying Rush is a millionaire fraud and a fake.
If you're for real, you know I'm right.
Rush is making $25,000,000 per year.
You think he makes $25 Mill with honesty and truth?

If that's true, why did Mother Teresa die broke?
Rush is more pure than Mother Teresa?
The man who called Chelsea "The White House Dog,"
is better than the martyr who fed and clothed the lepers?

For $50,000, I might say Clinton murdered 40 people.
For Rush's salary, I'll testify he raped me.
Get real.

Dude, it's a joke.
I'm not saying conservatives are lying cock-suckers,
I'm saying Rush is.

Open your eyes, take a breath and smile

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