Letter Eleven

>From: sgmarcot@ix.netcom.com

>Subject: Disgusted

>You are as funny as Limbaugh and have half his intelligence.
>Remove my name from your e-mail list.

>I demand it.

>S. S. Marcotte

It doesn't work that way.
You have to put "Nancy Reagan" in the header
or the newsletter keeps coming for at least a year.

You could've been a nice guy about it, but no, you had to be a prick.

I never asked you to sign up, anyway.
You wrote to ME, remember?

What are you, some kind of sadist?

ha ha

No, I'll bet you're a monkey-spank!

>From: sgmarcot@ix.netcom.com

>CC: abuse@netcom.com

>Subject: Very Disgusted

>I will not indulge in your juvenile word games.
>You are a weird, crude, disgusting degenerate not fit to enter a home via e-mail.
>I demand you remove my name from your e-mail list.

>S.S. Marcotte

 ha ha

What a moron.
You're running to Netcom's abuse people?

ha ha

What did you tell them?

"Hi, I'm a fucking moron.
 I signed up for BartCop's newsletter,
 and he sent it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Oh, Lawdy, Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Somebody hep me!!!!!!!!!!
 Somebody hep me, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease"

 What an incompetent dork.
 Let me guess:  You're a lawyer, right?

 ha ha

Nothing's more fun than making a lawyer eat it.

ha ha

Hey, SS-boy, you gonna send the Netcom police to arrest me?
I hope they don't come with revolvers, because The Baby holds 14,

ha ha

I'm serving you notice, SS-boy.
If you send one more piece of e-mail to my address,
I'm going to send the  bartcop.com  police after you!

ha ha

Shaking like a bunny,


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