Letter Twelve

Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999

From: "David Vandenbroeck" <vandy@indy.net>

>Subject: your moronic ranting

>Just stumbled across your moronic ranting.

>On JFK jr:

>1. JFK jr was not an important person.
>He was just famous due to his family name.
>2. His death was no more of a loss to America than the death of any American.

 America disagrees with you, David.
 David Eisenhower has a famous name.
 If he died, would anyone notice?
 You seem to be in the minority with that point of view.

>3. No one forced the Kennedy family to bury him at sea.
>I doubt if his grave would have been mobbed.

 Well, if "David Vandenbroeck" <vandy@indy.net>  "doubts" his grave would be disturbed,
 I guess the Kennedys were just being paranoid.
 Shame on the self-serving Kennedys!

>4. Arlington is for heroes.
>Jackie should not even had been buried there.

 So where should Red-Ink and Nancy Reagan be buried?
 Neither of them are heroes.

 Once again, America disagrees with you, David.

>5.Your love for the Kennedy family is strange.
>Get a life.

 I'm not sure I "love" the Kennedy family.
 I recognize the three men who died serving their country.
 Joe and John Kennedy had the money and influence to avoid combat,

 the way Butch Jr did,
 the way Dan Quayle did,
 the way Phil Gramm did,
 the way Rush Pigboy did with that giant cyst on his ass,
 the way Trent Lott did,
 the way Dick Armey did,
 the way Pat Buchanan did,
 the way Jim Inhofe did,
 the way Ronald Reagan did,
 the way Bob Barr did,
 the way Dan Burton did,
 the way Tom Delay did,
 the way Newt Gingrich did,
 the way David Duke did,

 ...this list goes forever, do you get the point?

 Joe died in combat, John got a medal for bravery.

 You seem to forget that while JFK was pulling three wounded sailors
 to safety in the ocean, Red-Ink Reagan was enjoying oral sex from a
 Jack Warner-hired prostitute named Nancy Davis so he'd be comfortable
 while he was protecting Palm Springs from the Japanese.

 Oh, by the way, we watched as John and Bobby lost their lives,
 so forgive me if that means more than Reagan and his blow jobs.

>On other issues:
>1. The economy is not the result of any Clinton initiative or policy.
>The policies of Ronald Reagan are finally paying off.

 What an uninformed young man you are, David.
 What year did you graduate from E.I.B. University?

 If it takes 16 years for economic policy to take effect,
 then Reagan's "miracle" was actually the work of Lyndon Johnson?

>The economy is not a sports car with a small turning radius.
>It is more like a giant ocean liner which takes awhile to turn.

 Christmas 1992 was great for retailers because America finally
 had some hope that this new guy Clinton would actually repair
 our Reagan-wrecked economy so they went out and spent some money.
 The election was in November, the boom started in December.
 The effect was instantaneous.

 According to you, no president has ever had an economic
 effect on his own administration.

 Click HERE to see how much Wall Street disagrees with you.

>2. Susan McDougal is not a hero.
>She did not 'save the constitution' and she has nothing to do
>with voting for president meaning something.

 I'll bet you'd feel different if your hero, Red-Ink Reagan
 was forced to leave the White House by an all-Democratic congress
 because he was SUSPECTED of lying about Iran-Contra.

 I'll bet you'd feel different if his successor, George Traitor
 Butch was forced to leave the White House by an all-Democratic
 congress because they SUSPECTED he pardoned Reagan's cabinet
 to bury the truth about their crimes.

 You voted for Reagan, and he won.
 You voted for Butch, and he won,
 but your president is a democrat named Gebhardt.

 Did your vote for president mean anything?

>3. Bill Clinton is not even close to being a great president.

 Name a president who brought more peace or more prosperity.
 Go ahead.

 I'll wait.


 Name a more effective president.


 ...you're being awfully quiet, David.

>4. If Paula Jones' lawsuit was frivolous, why did slick pay off?
      'Cause he was GUILTY!

 I can understand why you want several more years of Paula Jones.
 You want several more years of Lucianne Goldberg.
 You want several more years of Ken Starr.
 You want several more years of Linda Tripp - I understand that.

 Don't forget: David Brock started this story about Paula Jones.
 Years later, he apologized and said that Richard Mellon Scarfe PAID HIM
 and he PAID THE TROOPERS $80,000 each to fabricate that story.

 Once again, America disagrees with you, David.

 You may speak for every ditto-monkey who drags his knuckles on pavement,
 but the vast majority of America thinks you're insane.

 I'm with the majority.

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