Letter Thirteen

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999

>From: Mark La Canne <mark.lacanne@msfc.nasa.gov>

>Subject: (no subject)

>What the hell do you drink when Clinton is fined $97K for his
>behavior in a court of law?  Ha Ha Ha.

 If I'm not mistaken, Clinton offered to go as high as $300,000
 Paula wanted $500,000 and Clinton refused.
 Paula asked the judge to decide what was fair
 and the judge came up with less than 1/3 of the amount
 Clinton offered to pay.

 To answer your question - expensive tequila.

>Go spend your money on ole Suzie!  Talk about whores!

 Interesting choice of words.
 Webster defines a "whore" as "someone who accepts money
 to do something they wouldn't do without the money."

 Let's compare Susan McDougal to...oh, I don't know...
 Let's compare Susan McDougal to Rush Limba.

 Susan McDougal chose jail over the comfort of her home.
 She could've buckled under the pressure and said "fuck it,"
 and taken that deal and gone about her life.
 Somehow, in Dittoland, that makes her a whore?

 To my knowledge, she has yet to hold or attend a fund-raiser of any kind.
 She hasn't written a quickie book to cash in on the "Clinton's Cock" craze.
 No, only press whores and Republicans have done that.

 She goddamn sure hasn't spread her legs for a camera,
 the way Dr. Laura did,
 the way Gennifer Flowers did,
 the way Paula Jones did,
 the way Patti Reagan did,

 so it seems the word "whore" might not be applicable in her case.

 Now, we turn to Rush Limba, your hero.

 Rush accepts money to say wild things about Clinton.
 Using Webster's definition, Rush seems to be accepting money
 to do something he wouldn't do without the money.

 Remember - Rush never once voted for Reagan.

 Politics mean nothing to the Pigboy.

 Other than the fact that ditto-monkey's will act as a "john" and pay him huge amounts
 of money to do something he wouldn't ordinarily do, he never even cared enough about
 politics to vote for Ronald Reagan.

 That means something.

 It seems the word "whore"  might applicable in Mr. Limba's case.

>And please, no more about poor Suzie's legal expenses.
>Do you honestly think she is paying them?

 Why would you use a word like "honestly?"

 I assume her legals bills are tremendous.
 She took on over 100 federal attorneys and beat them.
 She didn't beat them with Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey and clever, race-laced courtroom tricks.
 She beat them with one unknown attorney and the truth.

 As of this writing, Mark Garegos, her attorney has not shared
 with me the arrangement they agreed to for her to pay him.

>Keep it up.  I enjoy the laughs.

 Thank you.
 You seem blissfully unaware that the laugh is on you.
 From your e-mail address, you're a rocket scientist?
 And you can't see what Rush is about?

 Your Pigboy is a fraud and a whore.

 Susan McDougal is a hero.

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