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Subject: Grammar is important

That is, if you wish to run a quality site.

Please run your material by an editor.  I don't care who's fault it is,
but when someone starts sniping at Bush as WEAK AND STUPID, WEAK AND STUPID,
yet doesn't know the difference between WHOSE and WHO'S

*****GUESS WHO LOOKS STUPID?***********

Don't denigrate humor by running a shoddy site.

Thank you.

I may be stupid, but I'm not weak.


Subject: Pink tutu?

Dear Bartcop,

 >"Until the pink tutu Democrats start acting like men"? that's pretty sexist, no?
What century are you living in?  Given the gender gap  (women are vastly more likely to vote Democratic than men are) ]
-- and the sexual preference gap  (just about all gay rights organizations are firmly in the democratic camp),
you should actually hope that the Democrats start acting like women and homosexuals.

Courage has no sex --and I doubt it wears a suit,

Katha Pollitt

Katha, it was an homage to Laura the Unloved.
She's always telling her sheep to "take it like a man."

Sailor, don't let his hand drop any lower.


Subject: your substandard web site

The small lettering can't be read on webtv
why don't you make it compatible
Or is that to difficult for you Rush Limbaugh " wanna Beees " .
Check the ratings. Bet you don't make enough to pay his taxes. And us
webtv users will never know what you say.

I'll have you know this website is run by the finest minds at the DNC.
Tell you what - send me your snail address and I'll mail you a bar of soap
so you can clean up enough to apply for a job and earn enough money
to afford a computer with a changable font feature.


Subject: webby awards

So I've been saving my sanity reading bartcop for
months and I was on another site asking to be
nominated for a webby award - so I nominated you, BC.
I don't know if this kind of accolade would honor you,
but it gave me a small opportunity to thank you.

I'm a 35 year old independent voter and I'm profoundly disturbed
by what happened in Florida (where I spent my childhood).
I feel the election results were an attack on our basic freedoms
- that American citizens were forced from the polling booths
(as well as the other problems in the sunshine state) - and of course,
the final assault from the Supreme court to appoint a president
who clearly lost the election.

You have been and continue to be an independent voice of reason.
You are not the DNC (cowards so far), you are BARTCOP.
Thank you.




Your article "Kiss my Ass" where you shown the charts, and used a lot  of  strong language?
[well some times things are just so ridiculous there are just no other words to articulate your feelings]

I personally think Rush Limpdick did more to divide this country then any one person,
or thing in the last 100 notice, too you're seeing his "pigface" all over the screens again.

I want to know where are all the Democrats?  We need every one of them to stand up against these
criminals who stole the election, that's why we elected the Democrats so they would have the guts
to stand up to this pseudo administration.

Thank you for your article,
thank you for your web site,
thank you for your courage.

Bart-Cop Fan


Subject: Linked to


I'm just writing you to let you know that I love Bart and,  and that I've stolen a
cartoon from you. Well, not _stolen_ stolen since  I'm only temporarily using an image from your server.
But it's the editorial cartoon of George W Bush as a kid teeing off the globe from homeplate,
which yall probably stole yourselves.

I normally just use images to illustrate my hit counter for a couple of  weeks, but in your case
I'm also using the image as a link to the Bartcop article on the liberal media myth, which I loved,
which almost fits in with the what-if theme of my website, and which I hope my conservative
readers read and gag on (I also have liberal readers, but I don't feel the same need to educate them).

Anyway, the link and image are on my main welcome page at my website:

Just letting you know as a professional courtesy,

Bucky Rea,
Editor, Alternative History at Suite 101


Subject: I Cried when I read "Kiss My Ass"


Saw your site for the first time today, I love it. Under your  RECENT OLD STUFF section,
I read "Kiss My Ass" and I cried. I wholeheartedly agree with every single line and I hope
that former President Clinton knows that there's wonderful people like you who see the truth.

Thank you very much for your website.
Mrs. K. Ramirez


Subject: More Bartcops please

Bartcop, Thank you!


Subject: thank you

just want to say thank you for telling it like it is.


just discovered you recently
Bartcop RULES

i E-mail the creeps once a week

Keep it up Bartcop we need your voice to call out in the wilderness
One more thing......comparing Van Gogh to Jimmy Page is one of the coolest things i ever considered  !!!!




You've got to be kidding me.
The fact that they focused on the blowjobs WAS THE COVERUP.

Clinton raped a woman in Arkansas.

ha ha
Since you were there, why didn't you stop him?

He had his enemies physically assaulted and in two cases, murdered.

ha ha
Stop it!

When the press attention got a little too close for comfort,
he murdered nine people in a 3rd-world country to deflect attention.


ha ha
make him stop,
ha ha

Are you selling a videotape with "proof" for $69.96?

ha ha

I'll pray for you.

ha ha


Subject: What if Jenna Bush killed someone?

What if Jenna Bush killed someone in a drunk driving accident?

Probably the same thing that happened when Laura Bush killed someone in a
drunk driving accident.....nothing.

Didn't she kill her first fiancee in some kind of "freak" "accident" when she was in high school?
I realize that it might not matter, since she wasn't a Kennedy.

Was she given a sobriety test?

Did they not even bother, because "everybody knew" that she was always drunk?
Would it be any better if we assume she wasn't drunk?

What are the odds of a fatal car crash involving two people in two different
cars, wherein the person who is killed just happens to be the fiancee of the
person who did the killing? Especially in a little, Tejas, one-horse burg?

I don't think that you have ever printed any information about this. I think that we need to know.
Please get all the details on this, as it is VERY important that the people know all the facts...

Let's call for her impeachment, and demand that the gov't spend 50 million
dollars on an investigation, and then call for the impeachment of Ashcroft
for not following through on our demands. Imagine what we will learn by
sending hundreds of federal agents to drag hundred-dollar bills through her
home town for anyone that has some dirt on her...

Larry Flynt said that if the government gave him fifty million dollars to investigate Hyde, Newt,
Abortion Bob Barr, Uncle JC watts, Charles "Partial Birth" Canady, and Whore dog Chenowith,
he would GAURANTEE that they would be going to prison.

Maybe Laura Bush is a Ken Starr said while rooting through
Hillary's underware drawer, "How can we be sure without a thorough investigation?"

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Lighten Up

 Lighten up on the travelog.
 Your regular stuff is much better.


 ...and much easier to produce, too
 I'll bet I had eight hours of pre-production in that New York piece before I wrote one word.

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