Subject: I need your help

Hey Bart
I'm not sure if you will be receptive to this but I am going to ask for you help. For quite awhile I have
been following an unembedded American journalist in Iraq. His name is Dahr Jamail and his work appears
in many publication across the web. I have been sending him donations when I can and now I am asking if
you would consider posting the following on you next issue of Bartcop.

Thanks Bart for your time and attention.
Northern WI
For those of you not familiar with the work of Dahr Jamail he is one of the only American unembedded journalist in Iraq.
He continues to risk his life to bring the truth about what is going on in Iraq to the American Public and the world.
He is trying to raise funds to attend the World Tribunal on **Iraq** where he has been invited to speak. Many of us
that read Bartcop, in my opinion, strived for the truth about the things that affect not only Americans but those we inflict
our policies on. Dahr Jamail is attempting to bring us that truth about Iraq. The following is the letter I received explaining
his situation. Please dig deep people and help this man who has continued to show with honor and bravery the true
meaning of journalist. Thanks for any help you can give.

*Dear readers,*

*I have been invited and will be attending the upcoming **Rome** session of the World Tribunal on **Iraq**:
Media Wrongs Against Truth and Humanity-Exposing the Politics of Disinformation. I will be making an in
depth presentation there.*

*Here is a short announcement on it from the events section on my site, which includes a link so you can learn more about the tribunal.

*Date February 10th-13th, 2005
*Location Rome, Italy
*Details*: Dahr Jamail will be presenting at the next session of the World Tribunal on Iraq: Media Wrongs Against Truth and Humanity -
Exposing the Politics of Disinformation. For more information visit

*In order for the tribunal to be able to afford to bring more Iraqi
witnesses, I volunteered to cover my own expenses there. *

*Thus, I am appealing for donations to support this important endeavor.*

*In addition, I am hoping to collect enough donations to cover the expenses, including the flight, for one of the Iraqi
witnesses who has been invited to present at this very important tribunal.*

*Your support would be very much appreciated, and would be used to help bring more attention to the lack
of adequate media coverage from occupied **Iraq**. *

*You can click here if you wish to donate to this cause

*When you donate, so as to enable me to keep these funds separate from those donated to support my reporting,
please include a short note that it is for tribunal expenses.*

*Thank you very much for your ongoing readership and support. I couldn’t do this work without it.*

*Best regards,*
*Dahr Jamail*

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