The set up:

McDougal to End Silence at Democratic Fund-raiser

(With Killer-Monster Update-s)

Susan McDougal, who went to prison rather than rat on the president, got a call from
the Tulsa Democratic Women when she was sitting in jail in Arkansas three years ago.

"They wanted to caravan to Arkansas and hold a candlelight vigil around the courthouse.
 I'll never forget that," McDougal said in the Democrat's press release.

The Whitewater figure who was imprisoned for 22 months said she was moved to another
facility so the Tulsa women could NOT visit. She's going to Tulsa tonight to return their kindness.

McDougal will be the featured speaker at the Tulsa County Democratic Party's dinner,
a $100-a-plate fund-raiser. The dinner will be at 7 p.m. at the Adams Mark Hotel.

"I got moved seven times -- four county jails and three federal prisons," said McDougal,
who is convinced the moves were simply harassment by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.
She describes Starr as a "religious zealot" obsessed with taking down the president
and aligned with the "righteous right," which she says is plaguing the country.

McDougal's prison stops included a short stay at the federal transfer center near Oklahoma City.
"They kind of get you in the middle of the night, and take you to the transfer center
where I was kept in solitary confinement. I couldn't even have sheets, only paper stuff
-- like I was on suicide watch. It is very scary to be in jail and not be allowed phone calls for days.
"Your family doesn't even know where you are," she said.

But why is McDougal telling her story now when
she was willing to go to prison to keep her silence?

"What really got me started speaking out was the impeachment process.
The hatred on the faces of those men who were impeaching the president," she said.
"They were hypocrites calling for the downfall of Clinton because of a moral lapse
when they had had problems of their own equal or worse than his."

McDougal, a lifelong Democrat who slapped her first political bumper sticker on her
parents' car at age 5, said her message tonight will be about the Republicans in
Congress who went after Clinton.

"These were our leaders. These men were all elected by us. Yet they led this nation down a
road we didn't want to take. And so what I'm concerned about is how did these people get in power
-- the right wing and religious fanatics -- and what can we do about it?"

McDougal's own troubles became public in 1996 when she was tried and convicted
on Whitewater-related fraud charges and sentenced to two years in prison.

Prosecutors accused McDougal, her husband, James, and then- Arkansas Gov. Jim
Guy Tucker of defrauding the Small Business Administration by dipping into their
savings and loan company for some $3 million in bogus loans to bankroll their many
business schemes.

During the nine-week trial, the government's star witness, Arkansas banker David Hale,
made the sensational claim that then-Gov. Bill Clinton had discussed an illegal $300,000 loan
with the McDougals. Hale was being charged with 26 felonies in connection with the SBA.

"They negated his entire sentence," she said.

McDougal said she was approached twice by Starr's people and both times they said
if she would provide evidence linking the president to the $300,000, charges against
her would be dropped and an IRS investigation of her taxes would be curtailed.
She was never approached directly by Starr, but one time he did offer to shake hands with her.

"I said, 'Are you kidding?' I was told if I didn't want to back up Hale's story, they were going to
prosecute me. I had nothing to tell. I just walked out furious that they wouldn't believe me."

McDougal is the daughter of a former Army officer and her mother was a World War II
Belgian resistance fighter.

"I told my mother if I had to go to jail; what would she think?"
She said, 'If I could stand up to Nazi scum, you can too.'"

Update One

The evening was so ...Cinderella.

Was it Shakespeare who said a picture is worth a thousand words?


You know what that is?
That's the name of one of my heroes.

Does it look like a man's writing?
No, it doesn't.
It looks like a lady might've written it.

You know what?
A lady wrote that.

Details tomorrow.

Her speech?

One hundred percent pure BartCop-isms.

What Went Down Last Night  9/10/99

Ediotr's Note: From RL-LNW Volume 117:

Susan McDougal is a f-ing trooper.
SUSIE, baby, you're the TOPS!
I want to shake your hand when you get out.

Six weeks ago, my buddy Sabutai told me Susan McDougal was coming
to Knuckledrag to give her first speech since getting out of prison.
I called Marc Perkel,  (he put RL-LNW on the www) and invited him to be our guest.

We agreed to meet at the gig.
I'd seen his picture on his web site, but I have no such pictures.
Since we were going to meet, I had to watch for him.
Mrs. BartCop and I were reading a soggy NY Times when
I saw Marc walking thru the hotel lobby.

I waved and pointed to him and he looked away and kept on walking.
I approached him and he wondered who the dork in the suit was.
(I never wear a suit. How often to you meet someone you respect enough to dress for?)

I wore one for Susan McDougal.

There's not very many people I've ever wanted to meet.
People don't impress me much.
There's only about three people I'd wear a suit for.
Two of them just bought a house in New York.

So, I approached Marc, stuck my hand out and said, "BartCop, here."
We had a seat and a drink and swapped some lies.
After a while, he suggested we try to find Susan.
The dinner was scheduled for 7:30,
but we knew the big donors were somewhere with Susan right now.

We went to the second floor where they had a big room set up.
This was the "sponsors" room. I'm not exactly sure who the sponsors were,
but there were big-time Democrats everywhere.

Marc blew through the doors like he owned the place.
Mrs. BartCop and I followed, meekly.

I saw noted Knuckledrag attorney Kurt Glasco, the Democrat who tried
twice to unseat Jim Pissquick (R-Insane Bastard) when he was in the House.
He remembered me from a previous encounter and nodded.

There was Mike Turpin, former Oklahoma attorney general.
I shouldn't have, but while he was talking to some guy,
I grabbed his elbow and thrust his hand up and shook it.
"Big fan," I said and kept walking.

I also saw current attorney general Drew Edmondson.
Right behind him was former governor David Walters.

I knew we must be getting close.
I'd been to a few of these democratic get-togethers,
but I've never seen this many big guns in one room before.

About ten feet inside the door - there she was, surrounded by four very excited women.
Let me say, with the utmost respect possible, that Susan McDougal is a very attractive lady.
I always thought she was kind of cute on TV, but in person she's a knockout!
Plus, she oozes charisma and confidence - that's sexy.

After she spoke with those women, Susan took a step forward and
now she was talking to Marc Perkel and crusty Ol' BartCop.

Marc spoke first. He introduced himself and said,
"I had the first Free Susan McDougal site on the web."
She put one hand on his hand and one hand on his shoulder and said,
"Oh, Thank you. That's sooo sweet of you," and my heart is melting
just hearing her express genuine gratitude to a guy who tried to help her.

What really got her going was his next sentence:
"I also had the first Gore for President 2000 site on the web."

That set her off like a Roman Candle.
She's real big on Al Gore.

He told her he ran for congress last year and she seemed so interested to hear every word
he said to her. I was seeing the Susan McDougal charm from less than two feet away.
Time and space were very hard to judge at this point.
I assume she only talked to him for a few moments, but she talked long enough to make him
feel like he had a conversation with her, not some bullshit, "Nice to see you,"  brush-off,
then on to the next guy, which was me.

She turned to me and suddenly everyone in the room disappeared except the two of us.
It was a real Twilight Zone moment. For years, I'd heard that Clinton has that talent,
that when he speaks to you, it's as though you two are the only people in the room.

When she spoke, I couldn't hear anything but her voice, and I couldn't see anything but her face.
It was like we were in a tunnel together.

There was over 100 people in the room, but she was very effective at letting me know that
there was nothing on her mind for those few minutes except whatever Ol' BartCop had to say.
She made me feel like I was the person she came to Knuckledrag to meet.

Koresh, that's flattering, especially coming from a person of immense integrity -
someone out of today's headlines and tomorrow's history books.

I planned to joke with her that she looked different without the leg-irons,
but I was too excited to remember my lines.

I forget what she said first, because I was a puddle by this time.
I held my hand out to shake hers, and I think she grabbed it with one
hand and she put her other hand on my arm. She was just so damn
interested in whatever was going to come out of my mouth next.

At this point, I lost my ability to think, but my mouth went on
auto-pilot, and it did OK without any help from my brain.

I handed her a card with  written on it.
I told her I had a little humor website that often mentioned her.
I asked her if she had an e-mail address.
She said, "No, but I have a home address."
So she wrote her home address on one of my cards.

(see picture above)

There's a lot I can't tell you because I don't remember.
I remember saying, "I'm so proud of you. I just want to say thank you."
She said, "Thanks. That means a lot to me."

Just then, the photographer steps up and said, "Picture?"
So Marc and I snuggled up next to Susan McDougal and smiled and photoboy
took a picture of the three of us. That picture may or may not make it to this website.

(Sybil, try to help me!)

Then I totally defaulted back to BartCop 101 and said to her,
"I don't mean to overwhelm you with hyperbole, but it seems to me that
if it wasn't for your courage, we'd be in Gore's second year right now."

It was so cool.
I've waited forever for the opportunity to look her in the eye and say that.

She looked away for a moment and re-ran that last sentence in her head.
She took a moment to digest what it meant. I could see the wheels turning in her head
and she looked back at me and said,   "I think you're right. I hadn't thought of that."

BartCop putting new ideas in the mind of Susan McDougal?

I continued, "If you'd caved in to the pressure, America would've lost Bill Clinton.
How do you feel knowing American history turned on the decisions you were making?
What's it like to have that kind of power?"

She said something like, "I wasn't thinking in any historical terms.
I just knew I was being railroaded and I was trying to stop that. "

I went back to, "We're all real proud of you," and let her go.
There were lots of people who wanted to talk to her.


Susan McDougal!

(I need a moment...)

A few minutes later, the hostess of the event, Sharon King Davis,
(Co-Chair, Tulsa County Democratic Party and tonight's MC)
came up to Mrs. BartCop and I and thanked us personally for coming.
That was a real classy thing for her to do, since we're nobody.

We moved to the dining hall where Susan was to speak.
I grabbed a seat where I could get a good angle for my camcorder.

Ms. McDougal's speech was as riveting as anything I've ever heard.
Like any good speech, she started funny.

Then she got serious.

She put a pounding, a goddamn pounding on Governor Blow Monkey.
I wasn't expecting her to spaghettify their front-runner, but she did.
If you ever thought that Ol' BartCop could put the hammer on Butchie,
you should hear what Susan McDougal did to him, and you will.

She sliced and diced the Republican ditto-monkeys.
Henry Hyde,
Pat Buchanan,
the House Managers,
Dan Quayle,
El Puerca Grande,
Newt Gingrich,
Steve Forbes,
David Duke,
Jerry Falwell,

...and she was always a lady.

Christ, it was like watching Muhammed Ali in his prime.

She talked about some of the stuff she witnessed in prison.
There were 330 people in that room - but not a sound.
There was no coughing, no glasses tinkling, - nothing.
Besides her voice, it was an audio black hole.

I don't want to say too much - I want you to see/hear it for yourself.
I have a perfect, digital video of every word she said.
Marc has plans to stream it, so stay tuned.

It was a night I'll long remember.
...and don't forget - I have her physical address.

I'm going to send her some "Best Of"  BartCop stuff that mentioned her.
I remember just before the 1996 elections, I was telling her to
"Hang on, Suze, just a few more days!"

She might get a kick out of that old stuff.

It's funny, when we spoke, I hadn't yet heard her speech.
I didn't tell her the name of my web page, because she's a lady,
and I didn't want to drag her into the trenches at a black tie affair.

But after hearing her rip the ditto-monkeys a new one,
I think she'd enjoy reading the wilder LNW stories.

I hope she's not drinking milk when she reads how I thanked her for
kicking Po' Kenny in the nuts and saying, "That's from BartCop."
Milk out the nose is never funny.

Suze, made my heart warm.

..and if you don't have e-mail because you can't afford a computer,
I'll deliver and set one up as my way of saying, "Thank You."

In closing,

...isn't it time somebody suggested,

...Senator McDougal?

The pictures from the Susan McDougal meeting have arrived.

That's Marc Perkel, the discoverer of  with Susan.

I guess you could say the photographer wasn't exactly a perfectionist.
He got Marc and Susan really good, but all you can see of me
is Susan grabbing my hand and a piece of my red tie.

Doesn't Susan look great?
Suze, you're the TOPS!

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