Dennis Miller on Leno
  Like a SUV rollover in the rain, I couldn't look away

 Dennis Miller (R-makesRushlooklikeAlanAlda) spewed his hate at the liberals last night.
 Somehow, he thinks he can make Nazi hate funny, ...but then, ...I guess Limbaugh did - for some.

 I've heard so much Rush I can tell when someone's getting their material from him.
 Of course, Al Michaels (R-ToHitlersright) of MNF got him started on this,
 so I guess when Miller got fired, the vulgar Pigboy turned into his default Obi Wan.

"That's the problem with the liberals - why NOT try vouchers?"

 Gee Dennis, I don't have kids, so child education isn't my strong suit, but if you allow
 60 million families to withdraw funding for public schools, what do you have left?

"Vouchers" sounds like a "Get out of jail card," for the stupid, but it's actually a tax deduction
 that comes out of the general fund for education, right? The GOP has been anti-education
 since those with a doctorate in education said it was important to know why you divide
 this number by that number. I mean, everyone but Bush can eventually figure out math,
 but I'll bet knowing why this number goes into that number makes the connection permanent.

 Besides, if we took the money Bush is throwing away on his phony oil war,
 we could probably send every kid in America to Notre Dame.

 Then he repeated the old Pigboy saw about "Liberals are against grading school  kids.
 To them, a "D" is just a "B" without a belt on," which could be funny if I knew what the
 fuck he meant.  Since the left doesn't have a voice in this country, (and I have no kids so I can't
 figure it out for myself) what is he talking about?  Grades are important, but do we really need
 to brand some first grader "the stupid kid who got the only "F" in the class?"

 Then, as if Rush was holding the cue cards, he goes right into "Liberals want to outlaw dodge ball."
 Now - as much as I hate bullies, I was never the victim, but I know if the whole class decides that
"Ahmad" is today's puta, they'll spend the entire 45 minute lunch period bloodying the poor bastard
 with dodge ball body blows from every direction, so banning it might be a good idea - I don't know.

 I tell you one thing - since he turned Nazi scumbucket?
 If Dennis Miller is for it - I'm against it.

 For you newer readers.
 I used to really like Dennis Miller.
 For years, I called him the "Funniest white man in America," - but no mo.

 He used to do political humor FROM the left, now he mocks the left.
 Does he think we f-ing forgot?   I have tape of him making fun of the whites-only, hate-riddled GOP,
 and now he's gone and jumped into bed with them as if no tape existed of him in the 80's and 90's.

 Back to the Miller hate rant:

"Liberals are ruining America. The ACLU spent this entire Christmas season making sure
 there were no public displays of the birth of little baby Jesus. But if some pervert gets naked
 and molests one of the manger scene sheep, the ACLU is right there to help him."

 Swear to Koresh, isn't that Rush Limbaugh talking?

 A. The ACLU didn't spend their "entire" on anything.

 B. It's not about "the public display of baby Jesus," ...liar,
      it's about government endorsing religion with MY tax money.

     Dennis, you know that - you're not a moron - why are you lying?
     Did the GOP tell you baby Jesus wanted you to lie?
     Will your kids grow up better knowing Daddy's a whore and a lair?
     Or did you get tired of the "he's over my head" complaints and decided to go the other way
     and appeal to every low-brow, racist, stick-up-his-ass Republican prick that you USED to ridicule?

 C. And if a pervert get naked and molests the sheep, he's probably mentally ill, so who does it help
      when the cops to take him down by the river and beat his brains in, or to "pad" his arrest jacket
      to get "that kind" off the street, when, ...for all you know, ...he's Pat Buchanan's brother and all
      he needs is a little compassion and understanding.
 D. You're damn right the ACLU stands up for the guy nobody will stand up for.
      Unlike some Democrats and most Republicans, the ACLU believes in the US Constitution.

 In closing...,

(applause coming in on a global scale....)

 Miller ended his rant saying "Why don't we just GLASS Iraq, and then look at North Korea
 and say,  'You want a piece of that, mother-effer?' "  (He said the word, NBC bleeped it out.)

 Sure, after September 11th, I had my "glass 'em" period - it lasted about 24 hours.
 I wanted them all dead, their familes dead, their water supplies destroyed etc etc
 but then the logical, scientific brain overruled the heart, and I came back.

 Bush and his Wild Bunch can't come back.
 Bush would "lose face" if he failed to play the cowboy now,
 and Miller is right there with the other war-monkeys.

 They in trouble.

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