MIRC Chat instructions

 If you're familiar with IRC, this is all you need to know: add a
 server at and go to channel #bartcop
 If you're not familiar with IRC, here are the full instructions.

 First, go to http://www.mirc.com and download the latest 32 bit
 version of mIRC. Install it once you've got it.
 Boot mIRC once it's installed. First thing you'll see is an annoying
 popup thing with the author's picture. Click the little checkmark in
 the bottom left, so you never see this again, and then close it.
 Next it will pop up a server list. mIRC comes with a huge number of
 servers preinstalled. You won't use hardly any of them, even if you
 become an IRC addict. But it doesn't hurt to keep them, I guess.
 The next thing we're going to do is show mIRC how to connect to the Bartcop channel.
 If this is done correctly the first time, you won't have to do it again.
 Hit the "add" button. For "description", put in "Bartcop". For "IRC Server"
 put it "". Leave "Port" as 6667. Click the "Add" button
 and the Bartcop server will now be added to your server list.
 Now you'll be back at the server list window. the "Bartcop" server should be selected.
 If it isn't, go to the end of your server list and select it. Make sure the field above it says
 "IRC Servers: All" so you can see all servers.
 Now, you have to indentify yourself. Put in any crap for "name" and "email address".
 It doesn't care what you put, and it's not displayed anyway. Someone who knows their
 way around IRC can look up this info, though, so I always put in something fake.
 The only important field, really, is "Nickname". This is how you'll appear to others.
 It can't have spaces, but can be 30 characters long. The "Alternate" field is how you'll
 appear if someone else has already chosen your nickname.

 Click off the "Pop up folder on connect" box. This is because we don't want to see this
 folder again once we have it set up to connect to Bartcop in a single click, w
 hich is the purpose of this exercise.
 Hit "Connect to IRC Server" and off you go. Finally.
 The Bartcop server will spit out some handshaking stuff as it tries to connect.
 Give it a few seconds.
 Once you're in, the "channels folder" will pop up.
 You give this the name of the channel you want to join. It will be filled with all kinds
 of names the first time you join. Since channel names are dependent on the server,
 this is entirely useless crap that just gets in the way.

 My advice is to just delete every single channel name in your list.
 Once you've done that, hit "add". This will give you the "add channel" window.
 Under "Channel" put "Bartcop". Ignore description and password.
 If you're only using IRC for this (that is, you're a newbie) put a check mark in
 the "auto-join channel on connect" box. This will make your life easier next time you connect.
 Click "OK" and return to the Channel Folder.
 You should see "Bartcop" in your channel list now. Hit Join, and you'll be in the channel.
 Finally. Maximize the window and you're finally ready to chat.
 Now, this all sounds like a lot of work, but this is only the first time you connect.
 The next time you connect, this is what you will do:
 1. Boot mIRC
 2. Wait for a few seconds as you are automatically connected
     to the Bartcop server and joined to the Bartcop chat channel.
 That's it. Could it be easier?
 Now you can start enjoying the benefits of IRC chat rather than HTML chat.
 They are:
 * Real time connection. No screen refreshes
 * Names and text on a single line, so you can fit about 10 times more on a page.
 Combined with point 1, this makes it really easy to follow conversations, far easier
 than the HTML chat which becomes unwieldly when you have more than half a dozen people.
 * Much more reliable. This thing won't be continuously dying like the Network 54.
 * No ads! Especially no blinking ads!
 * No lag.
 * This server is under control of one our members, so you can talk freely
 without worry of what is being logged.
 * It can handle many, many more people, which means the channel can basically be made open.
 Maybe a password for later, but that's up to someone else.
 * You can set up your own display environment. Use your own choice of fonts, colors, and so on.
 * It's easier to chat privately if you want to. Just double click the name of someone
 in the room and you get your own window to chat.
 * You can do fun stuff like actions (put "/me" before a sentence), change the topic
 (double click the chat window), change your name back and forth ("/nick") and so on.
 There's a whole world of IRC silliness to explore.
 * We can all trade files directly of any type. This is often handy when discussing things,
 though if it's abused it will piss off the person running the server.
 One note for slightly more advanced geeks: The first thing I always do once I'm set up
 is change my colors and fonts. You get most of this stuff from the Tools menu.
 I like Trebuchet MS font and white text on black background for default, but that's all by taste.
 Once you've got that, experiment with different colors of text for events, topic changes,
 joins/quits, kicks, and so on. It's nice to make your own text a different color, too.
 Finally, I like to set it so that peoples names are a different color
 than their text (I prefer red).  It's easier to follow conversations that way.

 The way you do this is by going to the "file" menu, picking "options",
 and then clicking on "display" and finally "options" under that.
 Put a check in the "highlight nickname in messages" box.

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