I'm not sure she's a Republican, but she hates Clinton - close enough.

Marcia Clark, proud to pose naked for teenage boys

I'm sure this one's a Republican.
Kennedy, the Fascist DJ from MTV.

You know me - always with the Family Friendly image.
This girl has no shame.

She pulled a real Doc Meng.


Clarence "Slappy" Thomas was seen out on the town with his white wife.

You know, I tease Ol' Slappy, butt he grew up very poor.
Here he is in his college days, earning money doing film work.

And, there's Diane Sawyer, the ABC News whore.



...butt BartCop, why do you call Diane Sawyer a whore?

You decide if that's her in this 1962 photo.

 ...and AGAIN I had to truncate the photo for reasons of taste.

If you thought that was bad, and it was,
how about a tittie shot of Barbara Walters?
I've got three of these, found this one first.

Keep this one for the next time you hear, "What pardons?"

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