You'll note prominent liberals spent today honoring Martin Luther King
 in various ways. Working in soup kitchens, attending services, etc.

 Conservatives spent the day interviewing each other on why Johnnie Reb
 should be flying over the goddamn Capitol in South Carolina!!

 How do these idiots expect to convince black Americans that the rebel flag
 has nothing to do with telling them to take a big, long fucking hike?

 They can sell each other all that heritage crapola,
 but the only black votes they are going to get are Walter Williams
 and the 4 other black republicans who bet heavily on silver futures.

I can't believe they continue to shove that rag in the faces of blacks
every goddamn day.  Not one Republican has EVER said,
"You know, black people are terribly offended by that flag.
 Maybe we should take it down."

 They don't give a flying fuck, even though more than 60 percent
 of the voters in South Carolina want the son-of-a-bitch burned.
 I hope they fly one at their Republican convention.
 Let CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC showcase their racism, while Fox News
 has Eva Von Zahn give the ditto-monkey news about "GOP compassion."

 They claim to be trying to connect to minorities,
 and then they offend them at every chance.


BartCop should offer a reward for the first person who can spot a
black guy in a pickup truck with a confederate flag in the back window.

...and Alan Keyes doesn't count.

Written by
Rude Rich

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