...so, you know how grey my hair is? Well all this week it's been big & fluffy because you know
 those little bottles of conditioner and shampoo they have in the bathrooms at The Venetian?
 We brought all those home and I've been,...

 ...wait,  Oh, Geez,  ...are we on?

 Hey, ...hello, and welcome to Bart's Treehouse!
 Today is Friday, the last Friday of the year.
 As is our wont, we like to start Fridays with a cheap, personal attack from a house organ of the Republican Party.
 This time, it's from Peter Roff at the Washington Whore Times.


"One only need surf over to a variety of web sites including Buzzflash, Bartcop,
  Democrats.com and others of the left-of-center variety to see the often-profanity laced vitriol,
  the derision with which the president and his administration are viewed."
    -- http://www.washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20011227-60253775.htm

 Excuse me, Mr. Moonie, but you forgot scorn, distain, contempt, ridicule and truculence.
 Yeah,  ...lots of truculence can be found at bartcop.com

 Plus, they don't use profanity at Buzzflash or Democrats.com, do they?
 You screwy ponytails never get anything right, do you?

"Perhaps they should be given some latitude for their abrasive style of communication,
  as they are not accustomed to the niceties of life and language inside the Washington Beltway."
    -- http://www.washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20011227-60253775.htm

 ha ha

 I'm not nice enough for the Washington Beltway?

 Your Moonie Times spent a decade fabricating horseshit against Bill and Hillary when all
 they ever did to you was turn Reagan's deficit into a surplus, create 20,000,000 jobs,
 lower teen pregnancy and crime and what else? Oh, yeah - he tripled the stock market.

 What you slimy bastards did was much uglier and more vulgar than anything ever printed at  bartcop.com
 so you can just blow me.

 One other thing, Peter; Sun Yung Moon called.

 He wants you begging at Gate 16 at Washington National Airport this weekend.
 He said to be sure to wear a clean toga, too.
 He said he's been getting complaints about your appearance.

  ...and, Peter, ...thanks for reading bartcop.com

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