Subject: Senator Thompson (R-Bad Actor)

 Hey, Bartcop

 I thought I'd share with you some recent correspondence I've had
 with Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Curly Sue). I used the NRA's web site
 (and resources, heh) to send him this note:

 As a Tennessean and the husband of a public school teacher, I'm alarmed
 at the shocking number of instances of gun violence in our schools. As a
 senator, it is your responsibility to stand up to the NRA and enact
 common sense gun control legislation including:

 Mandatory trigger locks for all homes that contain children
 Registration of gun owners
 Closing gun show and flea market loop holes which allow felons to
 purchase weapons without a background check.

 The sort of thing that happened in Columbine could happen in Tennessee.
 Surely you'll want to be able to say you've done all you can to keep the
 teachers and children of this great state safe.

 I thank you for your valuable time,

 Mike Reed
 Murfreesboro, Tenn.

 His response to me reads in part:

 Although the crime problem is serious, I do not believe that gun bans are the answer.
 I support Second Amendment rights to have a gun for protection or sport. I believe
 instead that we should focus on the criminals in society, not the law-abiding citizens
 who have the right to own and possess firearms. I understand the complexities of
 this issue, however, and when gun control measures come before the senate
 I will continue to keep your views in mind.

 That just pissed me off. So this morning I fired off another missive:

 Forgive me for saying so, sir, but I find your response to my concerns
 to be trite and dismissive.

 I'm not asking for a ban on guns.
 I'm asking for a safer environment for my family.

 The Second Amendment mentions nothing about "sport," so don't get all
 Constitutional on me. The Second Amendment mentions nothing about
 registering gun owners either and the idea that this is the first step
 toward the government taking away all guns is ridiculous. It would take
 hundreds of thousands of agents busting into millions of homes to take
 away the arsenal of the citizenry. So don't insult my intelligence.

 How can you claim to understand the complexities of the issue
 when you can't respond to my letter without changing the argument
 to make it look like I'm requesting a gun ban?

 (Ediotr's note: ha ha    Good shot, Mike.)

 Lastly, what good does it do me to have my senator thinking about my
 views when legislation comes to the Senate floor, if he's going to vote
 the way the NRA tells him anyway?

 I don't have NRA money with which to buy legislators.
 I only have a genuine concern for the safety of my wife and child.
 The tide is turning against the NRA and you're going to start feeling the heat.
 I'm glad you have an acting career to fall back on.

 I'm sure what I received was a form letter and my response will fall on
 deaf ears, but it sure feels good writing it.

 Mike in Murfreesboro (Who continues to fight the good fight).

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