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Free Speech Online Campaign

My most precious possession may be a flashlight

By James Higdon


"The night Al Gore conceded, there was a victory celebration at one such club near the Capitol. Visiting congressional staffers (who proudly called themselves the "Republican thugs"), third-rank Bush lawyers, and prominent local republicans were gathered in a large room with several TV sets. When Gore began to speak, they hooted and jeered and taunted. The only black people in the room were wearing white coats and serving drinks off silver trays. They also had tears running down their faces, but in the curious way white people have of not looking directly at those who serve them, no one noticed." —Molly Ivins, from her forward in Vincent Bugliosi's The Betrayal of America

May 21, 2001—I received this book on Saturday, May 19, in San Francisco on the steps of San Francisco's historic Civic Center. It is a small, unassuming paperback book, some 166 pages, including forwards and a biography of Bugliosi. On the title page, there is a short inscription: "To Jim Higdon, Thank you so much for all the great work you've done on Voter March. My best personal wishes always, Vincent Bugliosi."

A personal inscription by an author, especially one of Mr. Bugliosi's stature, tends to greatly increase the value of a book, and elevate it to the status of "collector's item." After all, Mr. Bugliosi is kind of the reverse Clarence Darrow of the twentieth century. He is not only a best selling author, many times over, of true crime books, he is perhaps the greatest criminal prosecutor of our time. But when I use the phrase, "reverse Clarence Darrow," I only mean that he serves the law from the other side of the isle. His dedication to justice and the U.S, constitution are the same.

One would think that I would maintain this book in its most pristine condition, as an heirloom to pass with my estate, of increasing value to a coming generation. But I promised Mr. Bugliosi that it will receive the kind of treatment befitting its importance. Its pages will become dog eared, its spine will be broken many times over until the pages begin to break free, and its margins will become inked by my notes and thoughts. For that is the highest tribute that can be paid to passion and courage. Pristine books upon my shelf only sit there waiting to be given away.

Mr. Bugliosi's courage cannot be underestimated in the writing of this book. He provides an explanation of the non-indictable treason committed by five members of the United States Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, through a step by step analysis of the Constitution, in terms that any layman can understand. Its courage can only be compared to the bravery of our founding fathers, and its contents will either prove to be the reawakening of freedom, or the dying gasp of democracy in America.

Mr. Bugliosi's inscribed reference to my efforts on Voter March refers only to something that I wish all concerned Americans would undertake, in spreading the word of the cancer in our midst, and the threat to a nation that has served as the beacon of freedom, throughout the world, for over two hundred years.

On May 19 I joined a group of non-partisans, people of varying political beliefs, who have never found themselves motivated to speak out until now, in attempting to amplify Mr. Bugliosi's cry in the darkness. The lights have been turned out, not by some catastrophic event, nor by some powerful opposing force, but by members of our own society, representing their own narrow financial interests and their quest for power, who refuse to acknowledge that as one nation, we all bear responsibility to each other.

On this day that celebrates the members of our armed forces, who have sacrificed millions of their lives to defend democracy, a march and rally was held in Washington, DC, and the city of San Francisco. Several thousand in each city attended to educate themselves by participating and listening to speakers. (Those interested in finding out more, and wishing to participate in future marches, should visit the web sites, and

And while I had the opportunity, as moderator of the San Francisco march, to thank each participant in person, I would like to thank those in Washington, DC, whom I have never met. Those of us who participated did so without the sponsorship of any political party, volunteering and paying the bills out of our own pockets, and being driven only by our commitment to America the beautiful. As Bartcop would say, a shot of Chinaco to all of you. You are patriots in every sense of the word.

After the event, I had the opportunity to have a fairly long conversation with Tammy Talpas, known as "The Diva" on her website, who is as beautiful as she is talented. One of the topics of our conversation was the shock we both feel at our current "fame." Without the events of last November and December we would not be writing, and would have lived out our lives in relative obscurity.

I can only suppose that often events shape the individual rather than the other way around. We are only American citizens who have stood up to be counted. Having vastly less creativity than the likes of "The Diva" and others, as more choose to cast off their apathy and to stand against the current tide, I will again fade exponentially in favor of those who have far more ambition than I. Rather than a voice, I am merely a conduit of information that will continue to flow until such time as we once again have a Fourth Estate more concerned with national discourse and informing the public, than in serving their financial masters.

For those who believe that the national media still has some regard for the truth, one only need remember that the television networks were correct last November 7 when they initially called the state of Florida for Al Gore. Their prediction was based on exit polling, and if all of the votes were counted as the voters intended, Al Gore would have won the state by more than 20,000 votes. Yet television executive after television executive prostrated themselves before the Republicans in Congress, apologizing for their correct call, and vowing that changes would be made to prevent telling their viewers the truth in future elections. Every major news outlet in this country has refused to file so much as one investigative report into the massive allegations of voter fraud and disenfranchisement.

Only Greg Palast, working for The Guardian in London, England, has done so. Upon submitting his findings of corruption at the highest levels of Florida's state government to American television networks, he was essentially told, "We don't give your findings any credibility. We asked Jeb Bush, and he says it never happened."

One man with a flashlight stands upon a rocky coast at night, in stormy weather. He waves and shouts, hoping to turn back the USS Democracy before it is scuttled in the rocks. Also upon that shore is a lighthouse, and the light has been turned off. We all own the lighthouse but the key has been given to the national media, and the national media is nowhere to be found. Those onboard the Democracy can see the flashlight, but believe that if there was any danger upon that shore, a lighthouse would be present. One by one, another of us will grab a flashlight and join that man upon shore.

The lighthouse may be turned off, and its door locked, but there is always a flashlight or a lantern. We can educate ourselves without being told what to think. For every flashlight or lantern that joins another, the darkness of apathy is diminished. If enough of us join that courageous soul upon the shore, we can create a light a thousand candles brighter than the lighthouse ever knew. It will only take the evening, and we will turn this beautiful ship to safety. Don't you think it's worth it? Our forefathers, our parents, our siblings, and our children have already died ensuring the safety of this ship. Individually our lights are so small, and this storm is so fierce. Please join us!

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