From: Alan D

Subject: Favorite Media Outlet


I nominate (bartcop is a liberal web pundit) as one of my
favorite media outlets. Although it is frequently juvenile, borderline slanderous,
outrageous, crotchety, sophomoric, divisive, shrill, occasionally politically incorrect,
and too often misspelled. Well, it's free. (He does take donations.)

The amazing thing is bartcop is all these things without being just a "liberal Rush Limbaugh."
Rush would never invite and take on opposing opinions the way bartcop does. Unlike Rush,
I have never caught bartcop paying fast and loose with the facts in order to score a point,
except as a joke. (That's the slanderous/sophomoric part. Often quite funny though.)
 When he's serious, his points are succinct, well worded, and hard to refute.
Instead of being an opposite of the typical conservative pundit, bartcop is an antidote.

All that aside, he manages to entertain almost every single day. I don't know how he does it,
creating original content in an almost continuous stream like that, but I for one appreciate it,
and I believe more people would if they only knew where to find it.


Alan D

Alan, thanks for that.
I especially enjoyed the adjectives :)

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