Jeb Bush's daughter arrested on drug charge

Noelle Bush, daughter of  Jeb Bush was arrested Tuesday after she
tried to fill a false prescription at a Tallahassee pharmacy, police said.

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What was Jeb's reaction?

"This is a very serious problem. Unfortunately, substance abuse
   is an issue confronting many families across our nation."

 "Everybody does it?"
 That's the excuse?
 Where's the accountability?

 When Barb & Jenna were breaking the drinking laws in Texas,
 remember what that whore-for-sale Bill Bennett said?

"Ain't nuthing wrong with teen drinking"

 Hey, Bill, what about the Bush kids doing hard drugs?

"Ain't nuthing wrong with teen drugging"

 What a whore Bill Bennett is...

 But what do we expect from a crime family?

 Remembering that Bill, Hillary and Chelsea haven't a parking ticket among them,
 check this off-the-top-of-my-head list.

 Noelle is a druggie.
 P. Bush broke into his girlfriend's house, then did donuts on her lawn with his Jeep.
 Columba Bush was fined for sneaking illegal good past customs in Miami.
 Kneel Bush stole millions from Silverado Savings & Loan.
 President Monkey in a Man Suit has been arrested many times, but the American whore press
        refuses to ask how many times and for what crimes.
 Jeb fixed an election, took money from grave-robbers and screwed his Secretary of State
 Pickles committed Jeepicide on her former fiance.
 Herbert-Herbert sold weapons to Islamic Jihad, then lied about it, then pardoned his gang.
 Grandpa Prescott did business with Hitler during WWII.
 But on the plus side, Barb & Jenna havenm't been arrested so far this year.

 ...and they impeached Clinton for semi-sorta having an affair?

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