Non-War on Terror
  by Dick the toe-sucking Traitor

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 Had [Clinton] adopted this common-sense approach, Mohammed Atta would have
 been thrown out of the country - and barred from re-entry - after he was found driving
 without a valid license by Florida police, three months before Sept. 11.

 Dick Morris spends his days trying to tarnish Bill Clinton's reputation,
 which means he has a lifetime job on .

 In this column, he paints the picture that Clinton "wasn't interested" in stopping the terrorists,
 because, Morris claims, he failed to take certain actions during his administration.
 Now, we'll never get the complete story from a whore like Morris, but I wonder
 why he doesn't fault Bush for failing to take the same action he wanted Clinton to take?

 Hey, Dick!

 You got an answer for that?

 If Clinton was so wrong to not push for that legislation,
 why are you giving Weak & Stupid a pass for ignoring it?

 Could it be that "R" after his name and the fact that you're a whore?

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