I know how awful this sounds.
 I've said it before, a coupla times.
 Frustration is hueueueueueuge.

 I'm not saying  bartcop.com  is the answer to anything, but I'm frustrated that so little is getting thru.
 (Here's where he starts whinin' and asking for money.)

 You know, I don't have a very good opinion of  bartcop.com
 I'm the 90210 of political websites and I know it.
 Christ, Buzzflash.com should be beating me by 40,000 votes.

 The frustrating part is all that's left unsaid and unwritten.
 Whatever BartCop you're seeing, there's another seventy percent that got crowded out.

 This part is off-the-record, and anyone who quotes this will be shunned.

 I know this is whining.
 I'd hate to read this shit on the web,
 but what needs to be said needs to be said.
 When B gets bigger than A, A can't handle B.

 Can I be any clear than that?

 I'm not saying the product's good.
 I'm saying the product can't get thru.

(This is the extra-forget part:)

 I spend too much time on mechanics.
 Changing the Latest to Volume whatever, converting bmps to jpgs,
 re-formatting text of a great e-mail, running down links that don't work,
 checking spelling  (I do try) looking for background on a story, etc...

 I have a show box full of 3x5 cards with stoies and jokes but there's just not enough time
 to write and do the mechanics.

 Bottom line?

 IF bartcop.com was of any value, that value would increase with some support or some interns
 who might want to join the fight to bring back that old one-voter, one-vote system of government.

 I have more content than I can post.
 I think some websites don't have that problem.

 Yeah, that's the ticket...

 I'm the straight-jacketed BartCop.
 Help free BatCop!

 If some rich Clinton fan would break off just a small chunk, we could make the treehouse bigger.
 It wouldn't be any better or any smarter, but you'd get triple the content.
 That, or we could be triple-funny.

 I'd have to keep the issues 50K or so in size, but with some help,
 I could make each issue a knockout blow, instead of a pesky swat.

 I'll stop now.

 It's just frustrating.
 I see some GOP falsehood, and I watch as my Democrats in Washington bend over for Smirk,
 and I wonder how this nation might be different if somebody fought back.

 What if someone told the rich bully, "Fuck you.  Lemme see you try."

 But no,

 ...our Democrats are polite and gentlemanly.
 ...wouldn't want to cause a scene.
 ...don't want to rock the boat,
 ...Smirk stole Florida fair and square.

 I wish the hammer was higher so I could bust some ass.
 Oh, I have a hammer, all right.

 It's a two-inch hammer.

 I need a bigger hammer.
 I need a Paul Bunyan Hammer.
 I need a Jimmy Page Thor hammer.

 Someone has to fight back - why not us?

 If YOU are rich and want voter's votes to count again, and know someone who's willing
 to fight the illegal Bush administration, send them money so they can fight the fight for you.

 If you don't know anyone willing to fight, and you're rich and have too much money,
 fund a  bartcop.com  year and see if we can make a difference.

 That, ...or we can lay back and let them drill us and Yellowstone.

 So, you millionaire democrats, have you ever wanted to be in the publishing business?
 Would you like to own a piece of  bartcop.com?

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