From: Derek West <>

>Subject: likeya

>Hey Bartcop,

>Been reading your page for about two months now. I think your
>religous views suck, but I agree with your political views.



I'm very surprised to read that.
My religious views are the most tolerant I've ever seen.

Who else says, "I don't object to YOUR religion?"
The Christian Right says all others will go to Hell.
Most religio-nuts claim to speak for God.
You don't find any of that hate or insanity with me.

I'm for religious freedom - they are not.

They want to convert all other religions.
Most religions will murder to convince you.
Check the Middle East, Ireland, Turkey/Greece etc etc etc

My way is the only peaceful, honest approach.

Science vs. Fairy Tales is all we're talking about.
If you believe in God, the Easter Bunny or Bigfoot, good for you.

I'll fight, but not die for, your beliefs.
Just keep it away from the schools and the courthouse.
We don't need a Taliban in America.

Let me rephrase that...
We don't need a more powerful Taliban in America.

Thanks for writing, I'd enjoy your rebuttal.


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